About JagFIT Students

Our Way to Wellness

JagFIT Student Wellness is designed to assist in the development of healthy and positive wellness habits for South Alabama students. We want to provide you with resources that students will use to develop their cogs of Wellness. Click below to discover the different elements of wellness and where you can get started.


Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness is about acknowledging your body’s need for movement, rest, fuel, and environment.

  • Get Moving: Loosen up your stress and get moving!
    • The Student Recreation center hosts free fitness classes to students. All you need is your student ID number. Check out SouthFit and follow @usacampusrec on Instagram.
  • Sleep: Who doesn’t need a few extra ZZZ’s?
  • Nutrition & Food Security:
    • College students that have jobs are eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Check out the Alabama Food Assistance website
    • USA has the Jags4Jags Meal Donation Program which allows students to donate extra meals to other students and be given those donated meals. Click the link above to see how you can help out.
    • USA has the JagPantry which offers food to those South Alabama Students in need.
  • Check Yourself:
    • Protect your lungs. Quit vaping.
    • USA offers assistance through Student Health to help you quit smoking as well. 
    • USA’s Title IX office is based to serve as a resource to USA Students regarding cases of discrimination on the basis of sex including sexual harassment/sexual violence, rape, sexual assault, coercion, stalking, and domestic/intimate partner violence. 

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is all about understanding and managing your emotional reactions to the world around you.

  • The University Counseling & Testing Center (UCTC) provides free and confidential counseling for currently enrolled students.
  • The Jag Student Support Network (JSSN)is a peer support group led by USA students who offer hope, support, transparency, and advocacy in order to build resilience to thrive in our lives and within our campus community.
  • Self-Care: Find out what tools can assist you during your hard days.
    • Coloring sheets are an easy way to refocus your energy and concentrate on something that you can complete. Click here for some options.
    • Journaling is another way to organize your thoughts and solve one challenge at a time. Click here for our Pinterest board for great journal prompts, organizational tips, and other things we like to use to self-care.
    • Social Media can be a gift and a curse at times but with healthy habits, you can turn your social media accounts into tools to assist you on your way to better self-care. Click here for tips on healthy social media usage.

Social Wellness

Getting involved in your University activities has shown to drastically improve one’s wellness. Creating strong connections and bonds with fellow Jaguars can give you lasting memories and friendships for the future.

  • Student Activities lists over 200 Student Lead Organizations of all kinds to consider joining.
  • USA Athletics offers great ways to socialize with fellow Jaguars at sporting events like Football games, Baseball games, and Basketball games. It’s a great way to cheer on the Jaguars and build relationships.
  • South Sports is a great way to connect (socially distanced of course) with campus sports enthusiasts and scratch your competition itch.
  • Jaguar Productions hosts a number of events, virtual and in person, that allow for great entertainment.

Intellectual Wellness

Become a lifelong learner. Knowledge is a part of your wellness journey that is often forgotten. Even though may think that your major and minor while enrolled in the University cover this, there are ways to expand your skills and pick-up new hobbies and interests.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness connects you to something greater and involves your personal values, principles, morals, and beliefs. It begs you to ask the question: “What is my meaning to life” then use that answer to guide your actions.

  • Give Thanks
  • Mindfulness
    • The Meditation Center of Alabama offers online meditation classes, in person meditation, and tips to stay mindful.
    • Campus Recreation offers yoga and meditation classes on their SouthFit schedule, free to USA students.
  • Community
    • Student Activities has a number of faith-based student organizations to join and fellowship with throughout the school year.
  • Service
    • South Serves offers opportunities to find meaningful opportunities for community engagement.
  • Nature
    • The Glenn Sebastian Nature Trail on the USA Campus includes over three miles of trails winding through 95 acres of native pine and oak woodlands. The Trail is named after Dr. Glenn Sebastian, a former USA faculty member who taught geography and chaired the Department of Earth Sciences.
    • The Jag Fitness Trail on the USA Campus is a 1.5 mile trail located alongside USA North Drive, Aubrey Green Drive, and Ernest Cleverdon Drive. The trail includes an 8-foot wide crushed rock walking path, three ENERGI-Prime exercise stations, and is lighted for nighttime activity.

Financial Wellness

Making responsible decisions regarding your money and meeting your financial goals is an important factor to your future.

  • Financial Resources
    • The Division of Student Financial Services understands how complex the world of financial aid and educational expenses may appear and is committed to offering students support in meeting their financial obligations.
    • Financial Aid assists students in the process of preparing their FAFSA and providing additional assistance regarding tuition payments.
    • JagSPOT can help students search for scholarships, complete applications, accept offers, and more.
    • Services provided by the Student Accounting Office include collecting payment of tuition and fees, disbursing of financial aid funds to students, administration of third-party tuition contracts along with Perkins and institutional loan programs of the University, and providing students with copies of student accounts and 1098T forms.

Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness prompts us to acknowledge and respect our surroundings. Living in harmony and taking action to protect our Earth is a responsibility of all humans.

  • Housing Resources:
  • Get outside your Residence Hall!
    • Outdoor Adventures is a great way to explore the Mobile Delta and surrounding areas. Trips are inexpensive and you’re sure to have a good time.
    • Check out the back deck at the Student Recreation Center for a relaxing area to do your homework, social distance from your friends but still hang out, or rest after your workout.

Occupational Wellness

Engage in work that is meaningful, enjoyable, and that aligns with your life. Look for opportunities to do this in volunteering, employment, and career prep.

  • Career Services commits to providing USA Students with compassionate and quality services.
    • Handshake is the university's platform to connect students, alumni, and employers. Discover information on jobs, internships, co-ops, events, and on-campus recruiting opportunities.
  • Service
    • South Serves offers opportunities to find meaningful opportunities for community engagement.