OUR Volunteer Research Program

Volunteer Internship Program

The UCUR Program oversees volunteer internships designed to provide students with a meaningful initial hands-on experience in their discipline. The application for this program is available below. Undergraduate students and their mentors in all disciplines are encouraged to apply by submitting a formal application.

This is the correct way to apply for Shadowing experiences in the Departments of Chemistry, Biology and other departments. This is also the correct application for High School Students and other Community Members wishing to volunteer to do research at the University of South Alabama and its affiliates.

All students and their mentors must first register for a profile on Scholarbridge. This is how the university tracks interest and matches between students and faculty.


Students then apply for the program using InfoReady



Are you a High School Student who wants to get involved in research?

Click here to access our special application page ONLY for high school students.

High school students are not currently allowed to register on ScholarBridge, and so this link will

help US to match YOU with an interested faculty mentor.


College AND High School Students: What's next?

Once you have identified a mentor, you will need to prepare your application materials for upload to InfoReady. You will need to prepare a description of your project with your mentor. This cannot by done by the student alone. You will then need to prepare a brief statement about how you think the experience will contribute to your overall education. You will need to list any relevant experiences, courses, or qualifications. You will then need to describe your work hours for the project in terms of when and where the project will occur, and for how many hours per week. Special attention should be paid to planning projects that do not conflict with other school and work obligations.

You will need a letter of support from your mentor. This can be brief (usually less than a page). The mentor will automatically receive an email through the InfoReady system that asks them to approve your project and upload the letter of support. 

NOTICE: If you are under age 19, you will be required to provide a parent or legal guardian email. This person must respond to the email from InfoReady and approve your participation for your application to be processed.