South Strong

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    We Are South Strong

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Make the
South Strong


As a student at the University of South Alabama, I recognize the importance of protocols and compliance as our community navigates the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping everyone safe is the highest priority, and I am willing to make a commitment to do my part to uphold South Alabama’s COVID-19 policies by doing the following (by selecting each item, you are agreeing to these guidelines):

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Do All The Things to Stay Safe

Hands washing

Wash your hands
like you just played oozeball!

Wear Mask

Mask on.
Js up!

Nothing’s Cool About COVID

Except for free stuff. Follow South Alabama on social media to find out when and where to get yours, and show off your new swag by posting with #southstrong.

South Strong is all about the positive vibes, so download our Spotify playlist to get in the groove.

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Download Assets

Spread the South Strong message in class and in your meetings. Click here to download stickers and PowerPoint slides to add to your presentation decks.


We are better together


Nothing's cool about covid


Girl, wash your hands!


Wash your hands like you just played oozeball.


Mask on. Js up!


South Strong. Together.

Distance Learning

6 Tips for Distance Learning

Distance learning can present challenges for students used to a traditional classroom setting. These tips can make it easier.

Six Tips

Free Online Tutoring

Free Online Tutoring

Stuck on a problem? Have writer’s block, or need direction on your paper? Free tutoring for South students is available at the Center for Academic Excellence. Services include live one-on-one tutoring, essay review and other online resources.

Online Tutoring

A female using zoom on her laptop.

Zoom to Class

South is offering Zoom videoconferencing for students, faculty and staff. Get instructions, technical support and event tips on Zoom etiquette from South's Innovation in Learning Center.

Zoom to Class

One Stop/South CARES

One Stop/South CARES

South’s One Stop/South CARES team is working to support students displaced or impacted by COVID-19. Information regarding academic, financial and campus resources can be found at One Stop/South CARES.

Need Help?

Talking clouds

Counseling and Coping

Free counseling is just a phone call away for South students. Telephone and video counseling sessions are available through the University Counseling and Testing Center. The center has also put together a resources page that includes everything from coping skills to mental health apps. 

Free Counseling

The USA Psychological Clinic offers resources and telepsychology consultations for adults and children.

Psychological Clinic

Mindfulness During a Crisis

Mindfulness During a Crisis

Practicing mindfulness is a way to reduce stress in a volatile and uncertain time. USA College of Medicine's Dr. Binata Mukherjee explains why in times of crisis, our bodies go into fight-or-flight mode.

The USA Department of Campus Recreation hosts online mindfulness sessions each Tuesday. There are also exercises for mindfulness and a guide for what is called box breathing.

Watch Video

Virtually Volunteer (And Feel Good About It)

Virtually Volunteer (And Feel Good About It)

Even though you may be practicing social distancing, you can still find meaningful opportunities for community engagement. Check out South’s Virtual Volunteerism initiative to learn more.



We’re All in this Together

Jaguar Productions Neon Sign

Stay Entertained

Jaguar Productions is rolling out free programming to keep the South community entertained and engaged. Keep your distance and keep up the fun.