Campus Recycling

REcycle South Truck

The Mobile Recycling Center, operated by Goodwill Easter Seals entered a partnership with the University of South Alabama in March of 2015. The center has partnered with the University of South Alabama to perform recycling services at no cost. As a partner, we commit to collect the recyclables free of charge and pick up as needed from a centralized location on the main campus. Furthermore we are convinced that by working together on this project we will be entering into a mutually beneficial arraignment that will increase the access to recycling at the University. The items collected so far are paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, glass, batteries, and ink cartridges. We are currently picking up recyclables for USA 2-3 times a week, collecting about 80,000 lbs a month since the start of the school year. This number is expected to increase as the recycling program on campus expands and recycling is made available in more buildings.

For Recycling Information
Contact Todd Culp
(251) 460-7735