About Policy Library



The University Policy Library features University Policies, those which apply to two or more Divisions. University Policies are viewable by the public and provide employees guidance as follows:

  • Maintain the security, health and safety of all employees, students and visitors
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations
  • Reduce institutional risks and enhance internal controls
  • Establish delegation of authority and responsibility
  • Provide consistent management of resources and transactions across the system

To access USA policies:

  • Select “Policy Library” to view all University Policies in alphabetical order.
  • “Select by Originating Department” to view policies owned by specific departments.
  • Select “Policy Applicability by Division” to view policies that apply to employees of specific Divisions. Some policies apply university-wide, while others apply only to a few Divisions.
  • “Select by Topic” and “Advanced Search” offer additional ways to seek specific types of policies.

The Policy Library is managed by the Office of Compliance. Please send Policy questions or report broken links or other issues with Policies to: CCO@southalabama.edu.


To print a University Policy, click the “print policy” button at the top center of the page when you are viewing a specific policy.

To copy a policy link, first find and open the policy you seek, then simply click on the "Copy Policy Link" button at the upper right of your screen. Paste as a reference in your applicable materials.


Recent Policy Updates


Click here for new or revised policies published within the past 3 months.