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Policy No: 2025
Responsible Office: Student Affairs
Last Review Date: 05/27/2020
Next Required Review: 05/27/2025

USA Posting Policy

1. Purpose

This policy applies to materials hung or affixed to University buildings or bulletin boards. It applies to the entire campus except when superseded by written policies of Housing and Residential Life, the Athletic Department, and the Student Center.

2. Applicability

Applicable to students, staff, faculty, and community members.

3. Definitions

Flyer: any paper not exceeding the size 8.5 by 11 inches.

Poster: any paper not exceeding the size 24 x 17 inches.

4. Policy Guidelines

4.1  Reservation Process

4.1.1  Reservations for all flyers, posters, and banners (with the above exceptions) should be made at the Student Center Information Desk located on the second floor or Student Center Services office in RM 150.

4.1.2  Groups or departments that have their own bulletin board do not need to make reservations for postings on their own board.

4.1.3  All reserved flyers, posters and banners must bear the stamped reservation date of the Student Center Services Office except those utilized in spaces designated for a specific organization or department.

4.2  Criteria

4.2.1  Posters that announce meetings, programs, and special events sponsored by registered student organizations or academic departments will be permitted in all University buildings.

4.2.2  All material must include: the name of the sponsoring group, individual or department and, if necessary, an English translation accompanying the material.

4.2.3  Materials may not contain obscene language, drawings, or illustrations. Materials may not make any reference in print or graphics to alcohol.

4.2.4  For fundraisers, all beneficiaries of the fund- raising effort must be specified in the promotional material.

4.2.5  Materials may be posted until the event is completed or for a maximum of 30 days.

4.2.6  Multi-date events may be posted for an entire semester, however, such posters will be taken down at the conclusion of each semester.

4.2.7  Exceptions to time limitations may be made for posters promoting on-going programs that are hosted on campus.

4.3  Guidelines

4.3.1  All flyers/posters must be approved and stamped by the Student Center.

4.3.2  Up to 50 flyers/posters allowed for USA student organizations and departments.

4.3.3  Up to 15 flyers/posters allowed for individuals or non-USA groups.

4.3.4  Not more than 1 flyer/poster per bulletin board.

4.3.5  No flyers/posters are allowed on painted surfaces, outside of any building, doors, windows, or trees.

4.3.6  NO flyers/posters are permitted on vehicles.

4.3.7  All sheet signs must be approved by Student Government Association.

4.3.8  Items must not be hung in a manner which would obscure previously posted (and current) flyers.

4.4  Special Rules for Posting Banners in the Student Center

4.4.1  These rules for posting in the Student Center apply to registered student organizations, academic and administrative departments.

4.4.2  Organizations or departments wishing to hang banners must reserve a location with the Senior Associate Director of the Student Center located in RM 150.

4.4.3  Banners may only be hung from 2nd floor lobby rail.

4.4.4  Banners may not exceed 3 feet in width and 10 feet in length.

4.5  Sheet Signs

4.5.1  You must be given permission by SGA to put up a sheet sign.

4.5.2  Sheet signs may be hung outdoors only and can only be utilized to announce upcoming events of approved and registered USA student organizations, and academic departments, and by SGA election candidates for campaign purposes.

4.5.3  Sheet signs advertising an event may be hung seven days prior to the specified event and must be removed within three days following the event. All other sheet signs may be posted for a maximum of 30 days.

4.5.4  Each sheet sign must indicate the name of the associated University group or individual.

4.5.5  Sheet signs must be hung between two trees, must be hung with biodegradable cord and may be placed anywhere on campus except the Mitchell Center and its grounds, Moulton Tower and Alumni Plaza, or within 200 yards of the perimeter of the campus.

4.5.6  Except for University sponsored event signs, the sheet signs may be no larger than five feet by seven feet and must not obstruct or impair visibility related to roadways or the ingress and egress to a building or area of campus.

4.5.7  A maximum of four sheet signs per event or SGA candidate will be allowed on campus at any given time.

4.5.8  Any sheet signs that are not in full compliance with this policy are subject to removal and disposal without notice.

4.6  Chalking

4.6.1  Chalking is allowed only on natural gray concrete sidewalks and streets that are subject to being washed by the rain, and the chalk used must be washable.

4.6.2  No chalking can occur on sidewalks or building entrances that are covered in any way, nor on any type of brick or concrete pavers.

4.6.3  Chalking is not allowed on walls, doors, windows, trees or any vertical surfaces.

4.6.4  Organizations or persons who violate this policy may be charged for time and materials to remove the chalk.

4.7  Special Rules for Directional Signage

4.7.1  Small directional signs (no larger than 18” x 24”) may be placed in outdoor grass areas within ten feet of roadways for events for which University space has been reserved when the majority of expected attendees are not members of the campus community.

4.7.2  Directional signs must be placed the day of such event and removed at the conclusion of the event.

5. Procedures

5.1  Flyers and posters may be posted in the following building and locations:

    • Administration bldg: Bulletin board in basement. No flyers/posters on first floor;
    • Classroom bldgs: Approved bulletin boards;
    • MCOB: Approved bulletin boards;
    • HPELS: Approved bulletin boards;
    • College of Medicine: Student lounge bulletin board;
    • Library: Bulletin board in front lobby;
    • Life Sciences: Approved boards on each floor;
    • Humanities: In hallway joining two wings;
    • USA Mail Hub: Approved bulletin boards;
    • Shelby Hall: Approved bulletin boards;
    • Student Recreation Center: Must be approved by Director of Campus;
    • Recreation;
    • Student Center: Approved bulletin boards;
    • Student Center Mall: Between two front doors.

6. Enforcement

Failure to comply with the above rules may result in the suspension of posting privileges for offending organization(s) and/or individuals. It is also a violation of the solicitation policy and offending organization(s) and/or individuals may receive a cease and desist letter.

7. Related Documents

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