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Policy No: 2046
Responsible Office: Human Resources
Last Review Date: 06/16/2020
Next Required Review: 06/16/2025

Layoff and Recall Policy

1. Purpose

The Layoff and Recall Policy ensures best practices are in place in administering staff layoffs and recalls.

2. Applicability

The Layoff and Recall Policy applies to all University Divisions as well as regular staff employees.

3. Definitions

Externally Funded Position: A position funded externally by sources other than a grant, with a defined project scope and timeline.

FTE (Full-Time Equivalent): The percentage of a full-time position routinely worked.

Grant Funded Position: A position that is funded by a grant.

Layoff: A separation of employment due, but not limited to, the abolishment of a position or positions necessitated by a shortage of funds, lack of work or a material change in the duties of the position, or an organizational change in a department or division.

Probationary Employee: A staff employee who has not completed a probationary period, normally defined as the first six months of employment, but may be longer.

Recall: The action of staff employee returning to work in the same position within one year of being laid off.

Regular Employee: An employee in a budgeted position.

Seniority Date: The most recent date of hire as an employee without a break in service. Student employment is not applicable in determining seniority date.

Staff Employee: An employee in a non-faculty and non-executive/administrative/managerial type position is considered staff.

Temporary Employee: An employee in a non-budgeted position.

4. Policy Guidelines

Employees hired on or after September 10, 2004, in grant- funded positions, are excluded from the Layoff and Recall policy, as funding for such positions cannot be guaranteed beyond the grant end date. Effective August 1, 2008, this exclusion includes other externally-funded positions with a defined project scope and timeline. Externally funded positions must be verified by the Business Office to ensure funding type.

Temporary employees and probationary employees will be laid off first. Any layoff of regular employees will be by official position classification and FTE (full-time equivalent) in order of seniority within the department in which the affected position(s) is funded, with the least senior employee being laid off first. The order of layoff will be based on the most recent date of hire as an employee (seniority date) who is assigned to the affected position classification. Seniority date may include temporary service if there was no break in service between the temporary and regular appointment. Employees will be laid off in the following order:

  • Temporary Employees;
  • Probationary Employees;
  • Regular Employees

If you are laid off and have completed the six-month probationary period, you will be eligible for recall from a roster maintained by the Assistant Vice President, Human Resources which identifies the last employee laid off as the first employee to be recalled. You will be recalled only if a vacancy exists in the same department, the same FTE and the same classification within 12 months from the date of layoff. Employees who are recalled must report to work within the time specified by the University or they will be taken off the recall roster and no longer be eligible for recall. Employees who are recalled will have any accrued, but unpaid employee benefits restored to them.

If you have been laid off and wish to be considered for positions in other departments within the University, you must complete a new employment application. Acceptance of a position in another department will waive your right to be recalled to your old position.

5. Procedures

Not Applicable.

6. Enforcement

Staff layoffs and recalls are processed through Human Resources to ensure policy and procedure compliance.

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