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The Department of Leadership and Teacher Education offers two options for graduate students in the Master of Early Childhood Education program entirely over the Internet:

Option 1:
Master of Education Degree in Early Childhood Education leading to Class A Early Childhood Education (P-3) – 33 credit hours
Option 2:
Master of Education Degree in Early Childhood Education leading to Class A Early Childhood Education (P-3) and Reading (P-12) certification–42 credit hours Please note: This program requires a minimum of 2 full years teaching experience prior to being admitted to the program. For more information on this option, click Reading Specialist.

The online format offers students the flexibility and convenience of taking graduate courses at home, at the office, or wherever they have access to the Internet. These programs are designed to provide contact with the professor, interaction with other students, and access to the University Library and other services.

Satisfactory progress in the program will be predicated on a combination of factors such as academic success, demonstration of competence in requisite skills, adherence to ethical standards, and appropriate interpersonal functioning. Students who do not demonstrate satisfactory competence with any of these critical areas of professional performance may be terminated from the program. Core faculty will evaluate students on a continuing basis to determine students' satisfactory progression through the program.

Application Deadlines
Applications for the Early Childhood Education Master’s Degree program are reviewed throughout the year. Although there are published deadlines for each semester, we have flexibility and will review application files at any time. Deadlines for all application materials are:
Fall admission – June 15
Spring admission – December 1
Summer admission – April l
Admission Requirements
In addition to the general Graduate School Standards, requirements for admission are as follows:

1. A completed application for admission to the Graduate School.
2. One official copy of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts.
3. A two-page narrative from the applicant indicating the applicant’s goal(s) and purpose(s) for pursuing a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and the dispositions that make the applicant a good candidate for helping P-3 students learn.
4. Results of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), including the written component (required of all applicants, regardless of degrees and certificates previously earned).
5. A resume with a chronology of professional employment.
6. 6. A Class B professional educator certificate in Early Childhood Education (K-6).
7. Three letters of recommendation.

Applications, transcripts, letters, and all supporting materials should be submitted to the Office of Admissions, 2500 Meisler Hall, University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama 36688-0002 by the deadlines noted above. Final admission decision involves evaluation of the following: grade-point average, scores on the GRE, letters of recommendation, applicant’s statement of career goal(s) and purpose(s), and program enrollment and availability.

Technology Requirements
Students entering this program must have access to the Internet and a computer that contains the Microsoft Office® suite. Specifically, the programs should include Microsoft Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher. An academic price is available to students and teachers at a substantial savings through the University of South Alabama Bookstore (1-888-JAGS-RAH). Because students will be required to spend a great deal of time searching the Web, a high-speed Internet connection is highly recommended..
Program Requirements
Curriculum - Completing a minimum of 33 semester hours as outlined below, with a minimum grade-point average of 3.0 ("B") on all work attempted.

Curriculum and Teaching (15 semester hrs)


EEC 522 Elementary School Curriculum


EEC 523 Instructional Planning in the Elementary School


EEC 532 Language Development in the Elementary School


EEC 553 Organizational Patterns and Curricula in Early Childhood


RED 531 Trends and Practices in Teaching Reading


Educational Foundations & Educ Psych (3 semester hrs)


EDF 515 Multicultural Education                                    or


EPY 502 Psychological Principles of Learning


Technology and Media (3 semester hrs)


EDM 510 Microcomputing Systems in Education


Research (3 semester hrs)


IDE 510 Educational Research and Evaluation


Teaching Field Electives (9 semester hrs)


AED/EEC/RED courses


There is no required sequence for coursework. These courses will be offered on a rotating basis that will allow candidates to complete the program in three (3) academic semesters.

Course work completed more than seven years prior to the date for graduation may not be counted for degree credit.

There are no full-time or part-time requirements.

Comprehensive Exam

Candidates for the Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education must pass a written comprehensive examination. Students have the option of taking the written comprehensive exam on campus or at a proctored location scheduled as conveniently as possible.


Special Requirements
Candidates must have a Class B professional educator certificate in Early Childhood Education (P-3)

Transfer Credit
A maximum of nine (9) semester hours of approved transfer credit may be allowed for a master’s degree, when a student has at least 9 hours of USA graduate work and in regular status. Transfer credit from regionally accredited universities may be accepted by certain programs.  Approval of the college director of graduate studies is required. Only courses with "A" or "B" grades are acceptable for transfer.

For more information about the Master of Education in Early Childhood Education program contact Dr. Rebecca Giles, (rgiles@southalabama.edu), 251-380-2899,University of South Alabama, College of Education, Department of Leadership and Teacher Education, Mobile, AL 36688.

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