Office of Research & Economic Development

South Alabama VP of Research.
"The University of South Alabama is fortunate to be strategically located in an international commercial hub with close connections to Alabama’s coastal population and to Mobile’s world-class healthcare, manufacturing and seaport facilities."


Mobile’s connections to river, bay and gulf environments lead to bountiful natural aquatic resources supporting research discoveries and commercial and recreational interests. These connections provide unprecedented opportunities for scholars in our 10 schools and colleges to explore the frontiers of the arts, sciences, engineering, education, business and medicine, and to educate our future leaders with strong grounding in regional and global challenges.

USA is committed to the highest standards of academic integrity in all areas of scholarship undertaken by faculty, staff and students. Our scholarly activities are conducted in accordance with ethical principles and in compliance with all federal, state, sponsor and institutional regulations and policies. Because of our academic and research culture, we attract scholars whose curiosity about the world around them results in new academic programs and innovations that directly benefit countless people in Alabama and beyond. The University of South Alabama Research, Innovation and Outreach Volume IV magazine highlights the research and scholarly works of our faculty. Please click anywhere in this link to view the magazine..

This campus is ready. We have world-class faculty, excellent students, a historical commitment to community service, health care and social improvement, a tradition of technical leadership, and the public responsibility to further economic development in the State. In support of the above activities, my office is ready to assist faculty and students in their scholarly and research activities and enable the translation of that work into social, economic, technical, and environmental advances. My aim is to increase the campus' capacity for research, scholarship, and innovation by facilitating relationships between our faculty and the institutions—federal, state, and private—that sustain their work.

Working together, USA research will enhance the present and invent our tomorrow! Best of luck in your endeavors at USA.

Lynne U. Chronister
Vice President for Research and Economic Development