Office of Assessment and Evaluation       
  The Office of assessment and Evaluation, founded in 2005, was developed to help facilitate and provide assessment and evaluation services for the College of Education, the University, and our partners in the community.   The office works with the deans, departments, and programs in the college to help improve programs and meet accreditation requirements.    


Dr. James P. Van Haneghan is the Director of Assessment and Evaluation for the College.  He is also a Professor in the Department of Professional Studies in the College of Education.  He is a member of the American Educational Research Association, The American Evaluation Association, The American Psychological Association, and the Consortium for Research on Educational Accountability, and Teacher Evaluation.  He has over 10 years experience as an evaluator.  In 2003, he participated in the Project MTS Summer Evaluation Institute conducted by the Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University.  Along with interests in assessment and evaluation, Dr. Van Haneghan has interests in cognition and learning, mathematics education, motivation, and the education of children placed at risk. 


Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Assessment and Evaluation is to help the College of Education to achieve its mission through the provision of assessment and evaluation services that provide valid data for making decisions that improve educational outcomes for students. Students are defined as not only those whom the College serves directly, but also students served by educational institutions and others who engage in teaching and learning in our community and region. The Office not only has a mission to carry out assessment and evaluation, but also a role in training new evaluators, supporting evaluation work in the College and community, and creating new knowledge about assessment and evaluation to share in the scholarly community. The Office is guided in its practice by the program, personnel, and student evaluation standards developed by the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation.

Current Projects

  1. Development and Implementation of the College Portfolio System
  2. Evaluation of Project CRUISE—a grant funded program for training special education teachers
  3. Data Entry and Analysis for the Mobile Mathematics Initiative
  4. Support work on the Mayor’s Grant—a planning grant to examine ways to improve high schools in Mobile


Below are some links to organizations that deal with accreditation, educational research, and evaluation.

The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University The Evaluation Center is a good source of information about program evaluation

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

American Educational Research Association

Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness

Consortium for Research on Educational Accountability and Teacher Evaluation


Contact Information

Dr. James P. Van Haneghan
College of Education, UCOM 3625
University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL  36688
Phone:  251-380-2760
Fax:  251-380-2748

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