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Discipline Specific Communities
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  • Biology

    Whether you want to learn more about any living organism, learn and apply molecular techniques, or become involved in small research projects this is the community for you. Students will receive an introduction to biodiversity and the academic demands of this University in the College of Arts and Sciences' first year experience course (CAS 100), and will enroll in our General Biology courses (BLY 121 & BLY 121L), which are prerequisites for all subfields in the biologic sciences. This community will also provide you with the opportunity to meet and study with other biology majors as you plan your program of study at USA. Students in this learning community should have an ACT composite score of 21 or higher.
  • Business Community I & II

    This learning community is designed for students who plan to major in Business. Students will take two courses together: Business 150 (BUS 150), the first year experience course for Business Majors, and English composition. We have two communities: one includes English composition I (EH 101), the other includes English composition II (EH 102). Some course content will be integrated across the classes and students will be encouraged to relate material from one setting to the other. Students who are interested in this community are encouraged to select Stokes or Epsilon for their housing choice.
  • Engineering

    Applying math, science, economics, and practical knowledge to design solutions for the needs of society is a task that only a select few can tackle--Engineers make a world of difference! Students in one of our learning communities will work together in teams on assignments involving Engineering (EG 101), Math (MA 113, 115, or 125), and English (EH 101 or 102). Engineering tools (like spreadsheets and computer simulations); along with hands-on design projects (robots, bottle rockets, water treatment devices) are used to stimulate young engineering minds. Additionally, these integrated courses will emphasize problem solving, communication, and critical thinking. Join an engineering learning community, because dreams need doing! Students in this community are encouraged to select Epsilon as their housing choice.
  • Music

    Are you a music major? Are you in the marching band? Does your life revolve around music? It will if you join this community! This new learning community is for students majoring or minoring in all areas of music. It includes the required College of Arts and Sciences first year course (CAS 100) alongside the Music Theory class (MUT 112). Music Theory is like the engine in your car; you can’t drive anywhere in this discipline without it. Enjoy the camaraderie of working with others that share your passion as well as the support of a peer leader trained in music.
  • Nursing

    Pre-nursing majors have the opportunity to participate in a living learning community at USA. Students have the opportunity to live together in the residence halls and share two or three academic courses. The academic classes include a first year experience course targeted to pre-nursing students (NU 101) and introductory biology course (BLY 101). Remember, a lab is required for this course and you will need to schedule one. Students who are interested may elect to join a community within the community which will include an introductory Spanish course (LG131). In addition to working on assignments that span all classes, speakers and activities will be brought into the residence hall. This provides another opportunity for students to interact with each other and with faculty in the community. Students in this community are encouraged to select Epsilon or Stokes for their housing choice.
  • Chemistry: It's Elemental!

    Calling all Chemistry majors! We welcome you to this learning community. We will provide the solid foundation you need for future chemistry classes and the amazing opportunities available after you graduate.
  • Aspire to Inspire: Exploring Education

    If you've always dreamed of being a teacher or if you're only now considering it, you belong in this learning community. Students in this group will explore the role of educators in today's public education system and get the skills necessary to be academically successful and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This community consists of the First-Year Seminar in Education (IDE 101) and Concepts of Health and Fitness (PE 100). Content in both of these courses will incorporate information relative to the field of teaching.