FYE Peer Leader

Job Responsibilities


Attend Peer Academic Leader Training
PAL training is more than learning about the Peer Academic Leader program. It is about becoming focused, developing relationships with other PALs, and polishing leadership skills.

Attend PAL Meetings
Once a month, you will attend a meeting with the Peer Leader Supervisor, Susan Brochu. Please refer to your list of meeting dates in your folder. These meetings are mandatory.

Attend Class
As the FYE PAL, you will regularly attend your assigned class each time it meets and participate as appropriate. You will also be expected to be available to communicate with students immediately prior to and following each class meeting.

Locate Space for “Office Hours”
As the FYE PAL, you will need to locate a space where students may come to you for assistance and advice. Good spaces include the USA Library, academic buildings, areas in the Student Center and Dining Hall. It is our hope that you’ll also hold office hours in our new JagSuccess location, the old Engineering Lab Building (area 261). Here we’ll have space allocated for your student learning sessions, office hours, and academic success workshops.


Conduct “Office Hours”
As an FYE PAL, you will need to be present in a location where students can meet you in order to seek advice about the FYE course, other courses that the student is taking, school functions, communicating with faculty, and seek help with use of school website, PAWS, e-mail, etc. Having access to a computer (laptop or in a lab) will probably be useful. You are welcome to hold office hours near your FYE classroom or instructor. If necessary, we can assist you with finding space. Please reserve two of your four required office hours in our JagSuccess location, EGLB 261. We intend to have at least two peer leaders available for students in our area between the hours of 2-7pm.

Support Faculty
You will complete reasonable tasks assigned by the FYE instructor. These tasks may include reading assignments ahead of time, passing out papers in class, leading group work or class projects, assisting with developing class assignments, assisting with maintaining class records, and most importantly, communicating with your FYE faculty.

Facilitate Involvement in Activities Outside of the Classroom
Students in FYE courses are sometimes expected to attend campus activities and events as part of the course. FYE PALs are encouraged to attend these activities and events as possible, and offer additional suggestions as well.

Collect Data for Program Evaluation
In order to evaluate the success of the program, FYE PALs are responsible for logging the names and amount of time spent communicating with individual students during “office hours.” In addition, FYE PALs are responsible for keeping records of e-mail communication with students and of events they attend. Additionally, we’ll have a bi-weekly self-assessment form for you to complete. This form will allow us insight to your experiences and will help us improve serving students on campus. This is a new initiative and your input is important for ongoing program development.

Position Responsibilities

Administrative Responsibilities