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USA Learning Community Student Application
You may fill the application out in PDF form which requires you to print and mail the application, or you may fill out the electronic form below.

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This document outlines our learning community expectations and requirements. Please digitally sign to indicate that you have read and agree to uphold this LC agreement with your community.   


This agreement must be completed and signed.

I agree to respect my fellow community members, resident advisors, faculty members, USA staff, and all people I meet during this community experience.
I agree to meet with the first year experience course instructor for my LC and my academic advisor before deciding to withdraw from any course in this community.
I understand that as a member of the USA community I must adhere to all USA policies and as a member of an LC I may have additional rules and policies to which I must adhere. I also understand that some communities may be restricted by qualifying test sc
The submission of my application and my signature below indicate that I understand and agree to comply with all LC policies and rules.
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