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Dear Faculty Member:

One of our tools for improving student success is JagAlert. JagAlert is an early alert system providing feedback for students at the freshman or sophomore level. Faculty are required to enter alerts for all such students in their courses.

For JagAlert to be effective, faculty members will need to have graded at least one work product prior to the end of the fifth week of the semester. As you develop syllabi for your classes, please include information about JagAlert for your students. The following is an example:

"JagAlert is an academic program intended to help freshman and sophomore students be successful in their courses. Watch for the JagAlert email around week 6 of this semester and then check your alerts in PAWs"

This fall, JagAlert will open in week 5 on Monday, February 10, for faculty members to enter alerts in PAWS will close in week 6 on Tuesday, February 18. Within 48 hours, students will receive an email instructing them to check PAWs for JagAlerts. Feedback includes course performance issues, as well as a friendly “keep up the good work” option. The positive feedback option is available should you elect to use it; if you do not, please communicate with your class that anyone NOT receiving an alert is doing fine in the course. You also have an option to provide recommendations to address course concerns. Instructions for entering feedback and recommendations are available here: Click Here.

Academic advisors, department chairs, and peer academic leaders will also receive information for their students on alert. Students receiving 2 or 3 JagAlerts who have already been identified as academically at-risk will also receive a phone call from our office. Those with 4 or more alerts will be strongly encouraged to meet with us to discuss their academic progress.

This early alert shows students that the university community cares about their academic well-being and we are interested in seeing them succeed. For additional information about JagAlert, click here.

If you have questions, please contact the Director of Student Academic Success and Retention (Dr. Nicole Carr) at 251-460-6475. Thank you for supporting Student Success at USA!

G. David Johnson, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.
University of South Alabama.
Mobile, AL 36688.
251‑460‑6261 (voice)
251‑460‑6575 (fax)