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JagAlert Faculty Feedback Instructions, Fall 2013
We need all faculty members to provide feedback for any students who are classified as freshmen or sophomores (e.g. under 64 credit hour earned). You are welcome to provide feedback for students with 64 or more credit hours as well.

Log in to PAWS
Select Faculty Services

Step 2

Select JagAlerts
Select Enter JagAlerts for another course

Step 4

This page has all your courses. Select your course. The number of registered students is your entire roster for the class. The students who are classified as freshmen or sophomores (e.g. under 64 credit hours earned) are your monitored students. You are actually able to submit alerts for all students, regardless of academic classification. The feedback date will read Sept 13, 2013 and Sept 24, 2013.

Step 5

Select the class for which you want to provide feedback. In this example, I selected the FYE-MythBusters (LC) CAS 100-118.
You will have a list of all students in your class. Students with under 64 credit hours will have monitored beside their names.

Step 6

Select the arrow to the left, in the column “Show/Hide.” This will provide student data for feedback. Step 7

Provide feedback for your students. Select any issues and recommendations you consider appropriate. You are also welcome to enter comments. As with final grades, click Submit on a regular basis. When students log in to PAWS, they will see your feedback for each class.

Students, advisors, and department chairs will also be emailed by our office too. We will provide instructions for how to check PAWS to view your feedback for their classes. We will also follow up with phone calls to students with more than one alert, and individual meetings with students who have four or more alerts. Academic advisors and department chairs are important people for these students and we want to make sure they receive information as well.

You are not required to enter feedback for students with 64 or more earned credit hours. However, if you would like to provide this information to students, the procedure is the same and you are welcome to use this during the week.

If your entire class is successful, if all students would receive “Keep up the good work” and you do not wish to leave comments, then please email me at and Tina at and we will record your information.

If you have questions, please email or call.