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Nursing Communities
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  • Freshman Seminar (NU 101) Life Science I (BLY 101) for Nursing

    Pre-nursing majors have the opportunity to participate in a living learning community at USA. Students have the opportunity to live together in the residence halls and share two or three academic courses. The academic classes include a first year experience course targeted to pre-nursing students (NU 101) and introductory biology course (BLY 101). Remember, a lab is required for this course and you will need to schedule one. Students who are interested may elect to join a community within the community which will include an introductory Spanish course (LG131). In addition to working on assignments that span all classes, speakers and activities will be brought into the residence hall. This provides another opportunity for students to interact with each other and with faculty in the community. Students in this community are encouraged to select Epsilon or Stokes for their housing choice.