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Supplemental Instruction Resources
Thanks to all the SI leaders who submitted their 'short list' of useful websites. Our collaborative document has over 30 useful websites and articles related to SI. Please view the list and use the resources. If you have new submissions, email them to Dr. Carr at

Our favorite SI resources:

This is a great youtube channel that offers math help, ranging from geometry to physics.

Utah State Academic Resource Center - This website has a manual that outlines strategies for improving attendance and creating a successful atmosphere for a session. The website even has something for a Study Smart Starter Kit! There are always so many people that need help with studying, and this will help me give different techniques other than my own.

Iowa State Academic Success Center - Iowa State has a great SI website. They have great SI strategies for the SI team, and a vast amount of them. I also thought the student quotes about their positive SI experience was a good way for other students to see their peers response to the program. The schedule of SI sessions and contact information listed on the website is a wonderful idea and, if nothing else, one we should implement ourselves.

Clemson University Academic Success Center

University of Louisiana Monroe Student Success Center

Ohio University Academic Advancement Center

University of Alabama Birmingham Office for Undergraduate Programs

University of Central Florida Student Academic Resource Center

This resource is specifically about writing papers, but since writing is a core component in every college at South, it still has relevancy in the supplemental instruction program. On this site are notes about particular writing scenarios which are in-depth enough to discover the whys of particular problems, allowing the audience to extrapolate from these scenarios to almost any and apply it to more than just writing papers.

I liked this site because it was an overview of body language, attitudes, and approaches that have traditionally been most beneficial in reaching students. It is not as much as a guide as to what to teach people, but how to teach people. It has tips on effective listening, questions, and verbal responses. It reads easily because it is written in a casual voice.

(Link is a downloadable PDF)
This is very close to the previous guide, except that it is at a bit higher level; it's closer to an outline format which allows it to pack in much more information. It also has a quick link to a list of tutoring tips.

This is a website that helps users learn or practice another language for free. Courses in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese are available.

This website displays a link to a facebook page for SI.

This website has quotes from SI participants.

This channel offers a quick, entertaining way of teaching or refreshing history, science, psychology and more.


This is my favorite website that I found. It is the SI manual for 2010 and it has everything you need. It explains what SI is, the role that the leader is to play, attendance strategies, session planning tips, and my favorite teaching methods and study skills.

This is a video that has SI testimonials and it is good to hear feedback for what SI does.

This website lists a few frequently asked questions such is what is SI and has links to answers those questions. Also at the bottom it has a list of the top 10 reasons to attend SI

Kent State's SI website is one of my favorites. They have a results section so everyone who goes to the site can see the efficacy of the program. The introduction video is a nice touch, and I really think an FAQ section helps to further the understanding of SI.

Angelo State University had a very well organized and informative site. My favorite was the introduction of the SI leaders with a brief bio and contact information. It makes the leaders that much more approachable.



American University

I think this web helps more for conceptual questions for chemistry other than the textbook. Sparknotes give the detail description for each terms and fundamental concepts for different chemistry categories.

Chemtutor also has detail explanations for concepts in chemistry, along with a lot of examples and practice problems.

This one contains a lot of practice problems based on various different topics in chemistry.

Study tips for Chemistry

This link was supplied to us by Ms. Clark’s students at Monument Charter School. It provides a wide-range of materials related to Chemistry.

Kids Chemistry 101

Understanding the Supplemental Instruction (SI) Model

A Model for Implementing "Supplemental Instruction" in Engineering

Chemistry Behind Cleaning

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a learning enhancement program. SI targets high risk courses instead of high risk students and offers assistance on an outreach basis in regularly scheduled, out of class sessions. The primary goal of SI is to facilitate students' mastery of the course concepts, however a secondary goal is to encourage students to develop better learning skills and strategies. A student who has received a high grade in a targeted SI course is trained to become an SI leader. As an SI leader, the student re–attends the course to model effective student behaviors, and conducts weekly SI sessions. During the SI sessions, SI leaders facilitate students' understanding of course material via interactive learning strategies which encourage involvement, comprehension and higher order reasoning skills. SI leaders do not re–teach or simply work problems on the board; rather they offer alternative perspectives and exercises designed to mirror the course content.