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Special Groups
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  • Leadership Scholarship: Public Speaking (CA 110) and First Year Course (CAS 100)

    The Leadership Learning Community is designed for first year students at the University of South Alabama who are awarded the USA Leadership Scholarship. Students will engage in a 2-credit hour first year experience course focused on leadership (CAS 100) which will be paired with a 3-credit hour public speaking course (CA 110). You will focus on developing your leadership skills and jump right in to service on the campus and in the local community. This community promises to offer great things!
  • Stretch for Success: Introductory Algebra (MA 100) and First Year Course (CAS 100)

    Stretch for Success: Intense Academic Development Program

    The Stretch for Success learning community welcomes students from all majors who seek academic support to help them meet their graduation and workforce goals. This community is intended to challenge and motivate students to successfully meet graduation requirements. Students involved will experience a particularly supportive and stimulating environment in which they can experience campus life; develop math and reading mojo; and begin formulating a graduation plan and career goals. Participation in this learning community, however, is by invitation only.

    The Stretch for Success learning community “stretches” the 16 week fall semester to 19 weeks to provide every opportunity for students to be successful. Both Introductory Algebra (MA 100) and the First Year Experience courses (CAS 100) will begin during our summer term; however tuition does not start until Fall. Details will follow on start dates and campus housing.