Student Academic Success and Retention | University of South Alabama
Supplemental Instructor


Attend SI Leader Training
SI leader training is more than learning about the SI program. It is about becoming focused, developing relationships with other SI leaders, and polishing leadership skills.

Attend SI Leader Meetings
You will have opportunities to meet with supervisors and fellow SI and FYE leaders throughout the term. The ongoing training of SI leaders is paramount to the success of the campus program.

Attend Class
As the SI leader, you will regularly attend your assigned class each time it meets and take notes. If homework is regularly assigned, be able to complete the homework problems.

Locate Space for SI Sessions
Some departments will have rooms designated for SI meetings, others will not. Try to conduct SI sessions either near the classroom or near the course department. Another alternative is to inquire about rooms available at the Student Center. Enlist the help of the department administrative assistant, the professor, and Dr. Carr’s office (AD 338), for help finding a room.

Conduct Sessions
The SI sessions are offered starting the second week of each term. SI sessions are generally offered three or more times each week.

Support Faculty
SI leaders support classroom instruction. Likewise, the SI program is offered only in classes where the faculty member understands and supports SI.

Integrate Content and Learning Skills
The SI sessions should integrate review of course content with appropriate learning strategies (integrate what‐to‐learn with how‐to‐learn.)

Collect Data for Program Evaluation
It is only possible to evaluate the SI program when SI leaders carefully and accurately record attendance at sessions. The sign-in sheets and excel file provide information that allows us to track students’ final course grades, course withdrawal rates, institutional dropout rates, and institutional grade rates. We need to make sure SI is effective and your careful record keeping is important.

Position Responsibilities
  • Attend all class meetings of the selected course section and be able to complete homework assignments. Be familiar with the assigned readings.
  • Keep a copy of the course syllabus, assignments, and handouts. Maintain regular contact with course professor.
  • Actively recruit participants for SI sessions. Make frequent announcement (at least once a week) about the availability of SI sessions to the students.
  • Conduct three 50‐minute sessions per week throughout the term using strategies learned at the SI leader training workshop.
  • Provide handouts for use during SI sessions.
  • Meet as necessary course instructor and attend all scheduled SI trainings and acivities.
  • Discussing and planning SI sessions, using a wide variety of the identified learning strategies.
  • Notify Dr. Carr about problems or potential problems.

Administrative Responsibilities
  • Attend SI leader training workshop prior to the beginning of each term.
  • Collect attendance data survey for every session. Submit excel spreadsheet with attendance summarized weekly. Maintain your sign‐in sheets and a copy of the spreadsheet in your files.
  • Ensure that any SI surveys and evaluations are distributed and collected.
  • Maintain a professional attitude at all times.
  • Work with your course professor to set up a schedule of your SI sessions and submit your schedule to Dr. Carr.
  • Notify your course professor and Dr. Carr in advance if you cannot conduct an SI session as scheduled or if you are sick and must miss class or a scheduled meeting.
  • Return all books, supplies, and keys at the end of each semester. Provide SI files with copies of handouts, filers, mock exams, games, etc. Your exercises will help us create resources for future SI leaders!