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Tutor Matching Service (TMS) helps students find the RIGHT private tutor at the RIGHT price. It’s a Facebook-based marketplace that allows students and tutors to easily connect with each other in a safer, less expensive, and more effective way than ever before. Your students can finally have the perfect supplement to your on-campus tutoring center. TMS was created to increase GPA’s as well as graduation and retention rates.

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How does TMS work?

TMS is much like eBay, Paypal, or a stock exchange. Tutors sign up to be listed on TMS at no cost, and set their own rates. Students book tutors using a credit card and TMS’ scheduling software. Tutors receive a paycheck every 2 weeks from TMS, minus the 10% fee that TMS withholds from tutors in order to provide the viral software, scheduling system, payment processing, etc. Everybody wins.

Why was TMS created?

1. To help cover upper-level courses:
Colleges and Universities typically do a very good job of providing free tutoring for the large core undergraduate courses. But what about if a student is looking for a one-on-one private tutor, or a tutor for a course not covered by the tutoring center?

2. To provide after-hours tutoring:
44% of the tutoring that is booked through TMS occurs during nights and weekends. More and more students simply cannot make it to campus for the available (free) tutoring hours for their particular course. Work, campus involvement, and children are some of the more common time constraints that students have to juggle alongside their class schedules. Free campus-provided tutors cannot always work around these schedules. Students should have another option presented to them when they need help advancing in a difficult course. TMS tutors fill this gap, as they are often available as late as midnight or 1am.

3. To decreasing the work load on department staff by eliminating the need for “tutor lists”:
Most departments don’t even have a “tutor list.” Those that do are wasting time and money creating them. When a professor is asked, “where can I find a tutor?” he/she can simply reply “’s free and has an organized list of all the tutors.” Also, “tutor lists” don’t allow students to learn more about a tutor before contacting them, the ratings system, the ability to pay with a credit card, bi-weekly paychecks for tutors, or scheduling software.

4. To make tutoring safer by bringing tutoring out of the shadows and under the umbrella of the college/university:
We have asked many campus administrators, “What percentage of the tutoring going on in your city, related to your courses, is being done under the university umbrella?” The answer has never been more than 25%. We all know it’s going on, but TMS can bring it all into one central marketplace, with all of the data exportable by the university 24/7. The average price of tutoring, the time of day, who tutored who when, and much more are all at the fingertips of campus administrators and Student Government.

5. To provide students with more options:
For some students, “drop-in” tutoring is fine. For other students, their parents have earmarked money for their son or daughter to have a tutor whose sole focus is their child. For a solid hour or two, on a very regular basis, these parents or students have the money to purchase a higher level of service and should be encouraged to do so. As one professor one put it, “anytime students are using their beer money for tutoring, that’s a good thing!”

Why should you use TMS?

Ever tried looking for a private tutor but couldn’t find a good one or one you could afford?

The University of South Alabama has now fixed that problem with Tutor Matching Service (TMS), a place on Facebook for you to find, schedule, book and pay a tutor. It’s free to use, and you can see the ratings that other students have given each tutor. Best of all, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee. So if you’re session isn’t up to your standards, you get your money back. You can pay using your credit card, your parents can book for you using their credit card, or parents can credit your account for use in the future with any tutor in the system. There are currently over 40 subjects and over 30 courses at USA for which we have available private tutoring! Over 1,000 hours of tutoring have been booked by students on TMS, and you can see all the tutors now, at no cost, at

Also, if you’re interested in making some extra money and you know a subject or course very well, tutoring might be the way to go. You can sign up for free and set your own hourly rate and availability. Just go to and click ‘How It Works For Tutors.’

If you have any questions at all, please e-mail us at

More Information:
Some colleges and universities are currently subsidizing the cost of tutoring (by $5 per hour) on TMS and/or putting money in the accounts of certain targeted students such as GED holders or veterans. TMS is being used by institutions like Kent State University, Dixie State College of Utah, and Santa Fe College, and won the inaugural $50,000 Cade (founder of Gatorade) Prize for Innovation.