My name is Hijrah El Sabae, and I am the President of the American Chemical Society. The goal of the president is to establish ideas to strengthen the ACS organization and foster chemistry awareness in the community. I believe chemistry is important to everyday life and hope to inspire scientific prosperity through leading by example. My personal interests include travelling, learning foreign languages, and research. After graduation, I plan on attending graduate school to receive a PhD in chemistry and to become a professor. I also hope to create my own line of perfume and/or beauty products with the education I have received at the University of South Alabama.


Hi! My name is Matthew, and I am a Chemistry major with a concentration in Mathematics.  I chose to study Chemistry because it is a fascinating subject.  Also, my grandfather, father, uncles, and sister all graduated with their Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry.  I suppose chemistry runs in my genes.  My favorite Chemistry courses were Organic I & II.  During my organic courses, I learned about the mechanisms and interactions that are pivotal to our everyday life events.  Organic can be perceived as a cookbook to life’s recipes.  In my life outside of the Chemistry department, I enjoy intramural sports, especially playing with the “Green Monkeys” flag football team.  I also read non-fiction books, cook, and hike the outdoors.  Overall, studying Chemistry was a perfect match for me since I can have a deeper understanding of the world around me.




My name is Connor Favreau, and I am the current ACS Treasurer. This is currently my fourth year here at South, and I am majoring in Physics and Philosophy with a minor in Chemistry. My personal interests include enjoying life with good friends, learning, traveling, attending coffee house discussions on religion and politics, seeing movies, etc. After attending South one more year and graduating, I plan to apply my knowledge gained from chemistry as well as my other majors to the field of dentistry, possibly pursuing dental research at some point.



My name is Nathan Williams.  I chose to study chemistry because success in this endeavor will provide me with multiple opportunities to pursue a successful career in a medical, research and/or scientific venue while allowing me to further my interest in research studies.  I currently have a minor in mathematics but I plan to obtain a second major in mathematics thereby enhancing those opportunities. I enjoy being active as a chemistry major through laboratory research and participating in activities through the ACS chapter here at South.  ACS and research in the chemistry department provides me with the opportunity to network and work with others in the field both locally and nationwide. I understand the importance of being a well rounded person as well as student.  Therefore, my life outside of the chemistry department involves lifting weights in the gym, playing intramural sports, hunting, fishing; basically, enjoying the outdoors or sports activities while spending time wi
th my friends. As a whole, chemistry has provided an avenue for me to be a successful student, a strong leader and given me a real world experience that will build my career.


I’m Lam Pham, a second year chemistry major. I joined ACS last year to meet more students studying the same field as me. My career plan is to go to med. school, become a doctor, and work for Doctors
Without Borders for a few years. I’ve been doing research with Dr. Sykora for a year and a half almost and have learned a lot of new things not just chemistry related.