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University of South Alabama
Transfer Advising Guide

College of Engineering

Okaloosa-Walton Community College


The Office of Admissions evaluates all academic credit for transfer students entering the University of South Alabama. The College of Engineering has established transfer credit policies in accordance with University policies.

  • Questions regarding degree/graduation requirements and the applicability of transfer credit toward satisfaction of degree requirements should be directed to the Academic Advising office, College of Engineering, EGCB 108, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688-0002 (251/460-6140).
  • Questions regarding transfer admission and transfer-credit evaluation should be directed to the Office of Admissions, AD 182, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688-0002 (251/460-6141 or 800/872-5247)

Special Notes

  • The University of South Alabama will accept a maximum of 64 semester hours from a junior/community college.

  • No course in which a student has earned a grade of lower than "D" will transfer to the University of South Alabama. No grade lower than "C" will transfer in English Composition I & II (EH 101 & 102).

  • Completion of the courses listed in this Advising Guide does not guarantee completion of Pre-professional course requirements or admission into Professional component programs. Consult the USA Bulletin for complete application procedures and degree requirements.

Mechanical Engineering Core Requirements

English Composition ENC 1101 & 1102
Fine Arts Choose one of the following courses:
ARH 1000; 2050; 2051; MUH 1011; THE 2000
Literature Choose one of the following courses:
AML 2000; 2020; ENL 2000; 2022; LIT 2100
History Choose one of the following courses:
AMH 2010; 2020; WOH 1012; 1022
History or Literature Sequence Complete either a Literature or History sequence by taking the second course in the sequence started above (for example, if you choose to complete a Literature sequence in American Literature then you must take both semesters of that sequence).
Humanities Elective If a History sequence was chosen above, one additional Humanities elective is required. Choose one course from the Fine Arts or Literature sections above or one of the following courses: PHI 2010; 2600;  FRE 1120; 1121; 2200; 2201; GER 1120; 1121; 2200; 2201; SPN 1120; 1121; 2200; 2201; REL 2300; HUM 1020
Social Science Electives If a Literature sequence was chosen above, choose two courses from the following, otherwise, choose one course from the following:
ANT 2000; ECO 2013; 2023; GEA 1000; POS 1041; PSY 2012; SYG 2000; 2010 or any HIS course from above (no more than one HIS course may be completed to meet requirements in this section)
Mathematics/Statistics MAC 2311 & 2312 & 2313 & MAP 2302
Physics PHY 2048C & 2049C
General Chemistry CHM 1045C & 1046C
For information regarding the remaining requirements for the Department of Mechanical Engineering, please consult the USA Bulletin.


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