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Department of Adult interdisciplinary studies (AIS)
Adult degree program
  Note: While there are more than 64 transferable semester hours, you may only count 64 semester hours as transfer credit from a community college.  

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

English Composition MGCCC Course Number USA Course Number
ENG 1113 EH 101
-and- -and-
ENG 1123 EH 102
ENG 1213 EH 101
  -and-   -and-  
ENG 1223 EH 102

Fine Arts MGCCC Course Number USA Course Number
  Choose one of the following courses:    
  ART 1113 ARS 101
  ART 1213 ARS 101
  ART 2713 ARS 103
  ART 2723 ARS 123
  MUS 1113 MUL 101
  SPT 2233 DRA 110

Literature MGCCC Course Number USA Course Number
  Choose one of the following courses:    
  ENG 2223 EH 225
  ENG 2233 EH 226
  ENG 2323 EH 215
  ENG 2333 EH 216
  ENG 2353 EH 215
  ENG 2363 EH 216
  ENG 2423 EH 235
  ENG 2433 EH 236
  ENG 2453    

History MGCCC Course Number USA Course Number
  Choose one of the following courses:    
  HIS 1163 HY 1163A
  HIS 1173 HY 1173A
  HIS 2213 HY 135
  HIS 2223 HY 136
  HIS 2243    
  HIS 2253    

History or Literature Sequence
Complete either a Literature or History sequence by taking the second course in the sequence started above ( for example, if you choose to complete a Literature sequence in American Literature then you would take both semesters in that sequence).

Social Sciences Choose three from the following courses:
  ECO 2113 ECO 216
  ECO 2153    
  ECO 2123 ECO 215
  EPY 2533    
  GEO 1113 GEO 115
  PSC 1113 PSC 130
  PSC 1153    
  PSY 1513 PSY 120
  SOC 2113 SY 109
  SOC 2173    

Humanities Electives Choose three additional hours listed in Fine Arts and LIterature above or choose one of the following courses:
  MGCCC Course Number USA Course Number
  MFL 1113 LG 111
  MFL 1123 LG 112
  MFL 1213 LG 131
  MFL 1223 LG 132
  MFL 1313 LG 151
  MFL 1323 LG 152
  MFL 2113 LG 211
  MFL 2123 LG 212
  MFL 2213 LG 231
  MFL 2223 LG 232
  PHI 2113    
  PHI 2153    

Mathematics MGCCC Course Number USA Course Number
  Complete one of the following math courses:
  MAT 1313 MA 112
  MAT 1323 MA 113
  MAT 1513 MA 120
  MAT 1623 MA 125
  MAT 1753 MA 110
  MAT 2113 MA 237
  MAT 2613 MA 126
  MAT 2623 MA 227
  MAT 2913 MA 238

Natural/Physical Science MGCCC Course Number USA Course Number
  Complete two science electives from the following (NO sequence required)
  BIO 1134 BLY 121
  BIO 1144 BLY 122
  BIO 2414 BLY 2414A
  BIO 2424 BLY 122
  CHE 1214 CH 131
  CHE 1224 CH 132
  CHE 1314 CH 101
  CHE 1324 CH 132
  PHY 1114 PH 101
  PHY 2244 NS 2244A
  PHY 2254 NS 2245A
  PHY 2414 PH 114
  PHY 2424 PH 115
  PHY 2514    
  PHY 2524    

Statistics MGCCC Course Number USA Course Number
  BAD 2323    
  MAT 2323    

Computer Science MGCCC Course Number USA Course Number
  Complete four semester hours of electives chose from the courses listed on this guide or the following:
  CSC 1113 CIS 150
  CSC 1123    

Public Speaking MGCCC Course Number USA Course Number
  SPT 1113 CA 110
  SPT 2163    

  Special Notes:  
  • The Adult Degree Program is for students who meet general University of South Alabama admissions requirements and are at least 25 years old or have assumed major responsibilities and commitments of adulthood.
  • The Adult Degree Program is designed to give adult students a variety of options in earning a Bachelors degree tailored to their individual academic objectives.
  • Adult Degree students work in collaboration with an academic counselor to choose relevant course work to meet general education requirements and a field of study.
  • The Adult Degree Program has 7 field of study options to choose from: Administrative Sciences, Applied Arts, Applied Sciences, Human Services, Community Services, Liberal Studies, and Professional Development. Students need to contact Ms. Margaret Gordon to learn more about the individualized field of study.
  • The University of South Alabama will accept a maximum of 64 semester hours from a junior/community college.
  • No course in which a student has earned a grade of lower than "D" will transfer to the University of South Alabama. No grade lower than "C" will transfer in English Composition I & II (EH 101 & 102).
  Questions regarding degree/graduation requirements and the applicability of transfer credit toward satisfaction of degree requirements should be directed to Ms. Margaret Gordon, Academic Counselor, Department of Adult Interdisciplinary Studies, Alpha Hall East 214, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688-0002 (251-460-6263).      
  If you are interested in Attending the Baldwin County campus in Fairhope you need to contact Ms. Linda Garrett, for advising information. (251/928-8133).      
Questions regarding transfer admission and transfer credit evaluation should be directed to the Office of Admissions, Meisler Hall Suite 2500, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688-0002 (251) 460-6141 or (800) 872-5247.
  For more information regarding the degree in Adult Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of South Alabama, please consult the USA Bulletin.  
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