National AED Member Requirements

  • Have a minimum 3.2 GPA.
  • Have completed at least 3 semesters consecutively as an active local member.

Active Local Membership Requirements

  • For those members seeking "active" status: 5 Meeting Credits (7 Possible), 15 Hours Service, 5 Hours Fundraising, 1 Other Credit (can be gained through service {1 extra hour}, fundraising {1 extra hour}, an extra meeting {1 extra meeting}, or from the gift of the month) , Overall 3.2 GPA (applies for national membership only), and pay annual dues. One meeting credit can be made up by attending a meeting of another scientific organization and bringing Sarah signed proof. A maximum of 2 meeting credits can be made up by completing an additional 1.5 hours of service per meeting if, and only if, a work or class schedule conflicts with the time of the meeting.
  • Service and fundraising hours awarded for each event will be decided by the appropriate service or fundraising coordinator.
  • Membership dues are $20 for the year and $12 for the semester.
  • “Other” credits may be earned through extra activities and meetings, gifts of the month, fundraisers, and intramurals. Anything you participate in (community activities, campus activities, AED/BMD picnics, etc) gives you one credit. You must play in or watch a majority of the intramural games to receive an other credit through intramural participation.
  • Each meeting you attend gives you one meeting credit. If you have a time conflict with the meetings because of a class, please set up an appointment with Dr. Stanfield.