1702 map

One of the first official documents dispatched to France, upon the arrival of colonists at Twenty-seven Mile Bluff, was this town plan. Drawn presumably by Charles Levasseur early in 1702, the plan depicts a formal European-style town grid laid out around Fort Louis overlooking the Mobile River. This plan, with individual colonist's lots indicated within each town block, was soon altered as the French realized how unsuitable the terrain was for settlement at the north (right) edge of the mapped landscape. Archaeological survey confirms that the southern two-thirds of the map constituted the heart of Old Mobile.

Plan de la ville et du Fort de La Mobile, 1702, Dépôt des Fortifications des Colonies, Louisiane, III 6 PFB 119. Reproduced with permission of the Centre des Archives d'Outre-mer, Aix-en-Provence (Archives nationales), France.

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