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A Study of Colonial Ceramics


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Lead-Glazed Coarse Earthenware

Red Lead-Glazed Coarse Earthenware
Yellow Lead-Glazed Coarse Earthenware
Lead-Glazed Coarse Earthenware: El Morro
Lead-Glazed Coarse Earthenware: Saintonge Slip Decorated
Green Lead-Glazed Coarse Earthenware: Saintonge Plain
Green Lead-Glazed Coarse Earthenware: Saintonge Slip Plain

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Faience Blanche

Provence Blue on White
Normandy Blue on White
Normady Plain
Nevers Blue on White
Brittany Blue on White
Seine Polychrome
Saint Cloud Polychrome
Moustiers Polychrome
Moustiers Yellow on White



Faience Brune

Rouen Plain
Rouen Polychrome
Rouen Blue on White

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Puebla Polychrome
San Luis Polychrome




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