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Co-op Program
Cooperative Education is an optional educational program which allows USA students to integrate periods of classroom study with periods of paid practical work experience related to their academic major. Students work in business, industry, and government agencies. While working, Co-op students earn a competitive salary and may receive benefit packages. Salaries depend on many factors including the employer, students' academic standing, major field, and work performance.

Please contact USA Career Services at (251) 460-6188 for more information.
USA Career Services - Co-Op Program
Benefits of Cooperative Education
Cooperative Education offers students more benefits than just financial gain. The work experience provides:
  • The opportunity to gain practical on-the-job experience that is progressive in learning and directly related to the student's academic major.
  • Orientation and exposure to the "real" world of work.
  • A chance to evaluate career choices while actually working in a chosen field.
  • The integration of classroom theory with actual industry practices.
  • A change of pace from the typical college routine.
  • The opportunity to be a stronger, more competitive job candidate with a higher starting salary upon graduation.

All Co-op students enroll in a non-credit course while working. Co-op students retain their full-time status during work semesters. Summer is considered a semester by the USA Co-op Program.

Co-op Requirements
  • Twenty-four (24) hours of earned academic credit must appear on the official USA transcript. Credit may be earned at USA or transferred from another college or university.
  • A minimum overall GPA of 2.30 must be met and maintained for the duration of participation in the program.
  • A completed resume must be uploaded to Jaguar Job Link and approved before employment interviews may begin.
  • Undergraduate students must maintain a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester when in class.
  • Graduate students must maintain a minimum of 6 credit hours each semester when in class.
  • All Co-op students must register for the appropriate Cooperative Education (COE) course each work term. Course listings may be found in the USA Bulletin .
Although no credit hours are assigned to Cooperative Education courses, a grade of Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) is assigned at the end of each work term and will appear on the official University transcript.

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