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Cooperative Education
The USA Career Services is always looking to partner with companies through our Cooperative Education program. The University of South Alabama Cooperative Education program offers two options to accommodate the needs of employers. The "parallel" option allows students to work part-time while enrolled in courses full time at USA. The "alternating" option allows students to alternate semesters of full-time study with full-time periods of work.
Employers can benefit greatly from the co-op program. The following list contains some of the employer benefits for participating in Cooperative Education:
  • Lower labor costs. Fringe benefits can account for 25 to 35 percent of payroll costs. These can be minimized by utilizing co-op students where appropriate.

  • Lower recruitment costs. Co-op is an excellent means of pre-screening for career employment. Students are known quantities since they have already shown what they can do for the company.

  • Increased retention rates. Co-op students have more realistic job expectations and tend to remain longer with an employer when hired for career employment after graduation.

  • Improved work performance. The knowledge gained by co-op students allows them to begin at a higher level of performance, if hired for career employment after graduation.

  • Fosters effective relationships with colleges and universities. Support from the academic community contributes to a company's research and development efforts. In addition, such a relationship enhances the corporate reputation in the community and fosters goodwill.

  • Enables the employer to influence the curriculum. Employers act as a partner in curriculum development and help mold courses to meet its specific needs.

  • Students are an excellent source for temporary staffing. Co-op students are capable of efficiently and effectively meeting short-term, temporary or seasonal employment needs.

  • Provides employers with a supply of students from which permanent personnel can be hired. This further reduces recruitment and hiring costs. It also reduces the cost of training new, unknown personnel.
Source: "Factors Which Influence Employers to Participate in Cooperative Education Programs", David C. Ballinger
Please contact USA Career Services at (251) 460-6188 for more information regarding the co-op program.
All forms must be printed and faxed to Career Services at (251) 460-6091, mailed, or brought by the office.
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