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Career Services
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Services offered
  • Employability Skills Seminar
    • Career Employment Assistance for graduating students and alumni
    • Career Experience Opportunities through Co-op and Internships for
      sophomores and juniors
    • Resume Development
    • Interviewing Techniques
    • Job Campaign
  • Annual Career Expositions
    • Fall Career Expo for all majors
    • Allied Health & Nursing Expo
    • Education Expo
    • Spring Career Expo for all majors
  • Career and Educational Advising
    • Selecting and changing majors
    • Researching career choices
    • Customizing the job campaign
    • Setting long-term career goals
    • Exploring graduate school options
  • Career Resource Library
    • Books, videos, journals,and directories of information
    • Locate local, regional, national and international employers
    • Graduate School Information
    • More than 1,000 employer profiles
  • Internet Access
    • A national computer bank of jobs
    • America Jobs On-Line
    • Federal Jobs List
    • State Jobs List
    • MonsterTrak®
  • Web Career Services
    • Web Registration
    • Computer assisted interview scheduling for Career Employment
    • Assistance and Alternating Co-op
    • Web Resume
    • Web Employer Contact
  • Job Postings and Information Boards
    • In the Career Services Center
    • Eleven Campus Locations
  • Resume Referral
    • To national and local employers
    • Employers request resumes continually
    • Employers search database for resources
  • On-Campus Interviews
    • Pre-select: Advance review of resumes allows employers to select the candidates they wish to interview
    • Open Sign Up: Candidates meeting the employer's qualifications sign up for interviews on a first-come basis

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