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The University of South Alabama (USA) recognizes the value and potential for faculty, staff, students, and external groups to use University resources to enhance learning, research, and public service. The University of South Alabama seeks to create a campus culture that generates intellectual excitement and lifelong learning. This includes supporting campus activities that further individual development. Such events are either sanctioned by the University of South Alabama or sponsored by external groups requesting use of University facilities and services.

Camps, Conferences and Special Events (collectively “Events”) are defined as follows:

Camps are defined as any program or activity for individuals who are not regularly enrolled in the University and are under the age of 19. Programs bringing students not regularly enrolled and regardless of age, to campus for extended study will also be considered camps for administrative purposes.
Conferences are generally defined as large gatherings of individuals or members of one or several organizations. Any University-sanctioned conference which is designed to invite members of the community, regardless of age, to the USA campus or to a non-university facility shall fall under the purview of this policy statement.
Special Events are public activities with a scheduled time, location and duration using University facilities and/or roadways.

Any Event will be classified as either University-Sanctioned or Externally-Sponsored. Questions regarding whether the event is University-Sanctioned or Externally-Sponsored should be addressed to Patricia Miles in the Center for Continuing Education, 251-405-9930 or pbmiles@southalabama.edu.

Space for approved events will be scheduled using ASTRA Events. The need for services will be coordinated through the Center for Continuing Education and Conference Services. For additional information please contact Patricia Miles at 251-405- 9930 or pbmiles@southalabama.edu.


For more information, please click the following links based on your affiliation to the University of South Alabama:

Manual For University-Sanctioned Camps, Conferences and Special Events

Policy and Procedures for Events Unaffiliated with USA

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