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To successfully enroll in the USA LNC certificate program through the Center for Continuing Education, all students must meet the following prerequisites:

1. Hold a valid license as a Registered Nurse

2. Have completed a minimum of one (1) year of clinical practice as a Registered Nurse
There will be a total of five, one-day class sessions that are conducted with a live instructor and in-class activities. Each session will begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 4 p.m. Due to proprietary and confidentiality of topics discussed, no taping will be allowed during any session. A continental breakfast and light refreshments will be provided. Lunch will be on your own for each session meeting. There are several dining options in walking and close driving proximity.
Students will be required to purchase the following text on their own:

Legal, Ethical, and Political Issues in Nursing, (2nd ed.) (2004). T. Aiken F.A. Davis Company: Philadelphia ISBN: 978-0-8036-0571-8

Legal Nurse Consulting: Principles and Practices, (3rd ed.) (2 Volume set). American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants. ISBN: 978-1420089479
The 18-hour practicum to be completed at the end of the five class sessions provides you with the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the classroom. The USA Center for Continuing Education and LNC faculty will work with students from the Mobile and coastal Mississippi area to locate an attorney or other LNC practice setting to assure you gain introductory experience as an LNC. By working with an attorney or other LNC setting you will gain the valuable experience needed to launch your new career as an LNC, in addition to providing you with an excellent networking opportunities for future work.

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