Associate Dean for Academic & Financial Affairs

The Associate Dean of Academic & Financial Affairs reports to the Dean and is responsible for coordination and supervision of academic and financial activities of the college. In addition to the regular responsibilities of the office, there are three major areas of support services and the online activities under the direction of this office as listed below.

  Student Services Office  

Coordinator: Kathy Beck
Staff: Vicky Burtt
Staff: Jenny Fillingim

The Student Services Offices processes change of program forms, applications for graduation and certification. This office maintains the student records for all majors in the College of Education.


Advising Center


Director: Peggy Delmas
Staff: Anita Perrette
Advisors: Jayne Kennedy, Josh Wooden, Greg Deckard

The Advising Center is responsible for academic advising for undergraduate students during the pre-candidacy phase of their program. Student and parent orientations sessions are a function of this office. Students seeking transient approval apply in the Advising Center, while student requesting to withdraw from a class should do so online using PAWS.          


Distributed Education

The Distributed Education Office is responsible for the schedule, registration of students and faculty access, setup of course shells for eCourse & eCompanion including duplications of course content, survey setup and deployment, generating reports, and coordinating the help desk for USAonline and all online activities.
    COE Online  
  Director: Thomas Chilton
Support Staff: Alla Zakharova

Media Services               


Coordinator: Gholamreza “G.” Tashbin
Support Staff: Tim Adler, Mike Turnmire

Media Services is responsible for acquiring, building, repairing, maintaining, support, and installation of computer-related equipment for classrooms, computer labs, and faculty. The coordinator is responsible for supporting classroom technology and video conferencing rooms, and scheduling the computer labs for student use, classes, and special events.

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