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Introduction to Educational Research

Philosophy of science links

On-Line Research Books

Research methods textbook written by a program evaluation methodologist:

On-line research methods book written by a medical researcher:

An on-line research methods book on How to Read a Medical Journal Article:

On-Line Materials for Printed Books

Materials for the psychological methods book titled Experimental Design Explained:


Our educational research glossary:

Glossary of evaluation terms:

Another glossary of evaluation terms:

Dictionary on epidemiology:

Research Associations

American Educational Research Association:

American Evaluation Association:

American Psychological Association:

American Sociological Association:

American Anthropological Association:

National Council on Measurement in Education:

Society for Research in Child Development:

Philosophy of Science Association:

The American Philosophical Association:

Program evaluation links

Evaluation resources:

American Evaluation Association:

Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation:

On-Line Evaluation Resource Library:

Glossary of evaluation terms:

Free evaluation resources on the web:

The Evaluation Center:

Here is a two volume set Evaluation Handbook available on line

Vol 1:

Vol 2:

Traditional scientific method

A physicist's view:

A biologist's view:

Questions about the traditional scientific method:

Other general research sources

Lots of links for research methods:

Research and statistics:

Measurement and evaluation links:


Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Research

Quantitative Research

Here is the site for Larry Christensen's (my coauthor) book, which is now in its ninth edition:

Research methods textbook written by a program evaluation methodologist:

Statistical methods glossary:

Another statistical methods glossary:

Qualitative Research

These URLs provide lots of qualitative links:

Mixed Research

Mixed research page:

Mixed research methods glossary:

Qualitative research glossary:

This is an on-line book titled "User-Friendly Handbook for Mixed Method Evaluations":

Qualitative tools for mixed research:


Developing Research Questions and Proposal Preparation

Coming up with hypotheses:


The elements of a proposal:

APA writing style links:

Harvard's page on writing research papers:

Note: for more links on writing research reports, go to chapter 18.

Research Ethics

American Educational Research Association Code of Ethics:

Society for Research in Child Development Code of Ethics:

Office of Research Integrity:

The online ethics center:

Articles on ethics:

Office for human research protections:

Philosophy of ethics:

Ethics glossary:

Ethics in testing and measurement:

American Psychological Association Code of Ethics:

American Sociological Association Code of Ethics:

American Anthropological Association Code of Ethics:

Canadian Code of Conduct for Research Involving Human Participants:

Poynter Center ethics materials:

Discussions of ethical issues in research in cyberspace:

A book entitled On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research:


Standardized Measurement and Assessment

How to locate published and unpublished tests:

National Council on Measurement in Education:

Frequently asked measurement questions:

Glossary of measurement terms:

ERIC glossary of measurement terms:

How to evaluate a standardized test:

The Joint Committee on Testing Practices:

Search the AERA archives on any measurement or testing concept:

Measurement resources:

ETS (Educational Testing Service):

Here are a series of links you can use to locate tests and other measurement instruments from Table 5.8

Measurement Excellence Initiative (Click on find an instrument):

Online evaluation resource library:

ERIC/AE Test Locator and ETS Test File:

Buros Institute of Mental Measurements Test Review Locator:

Educational Testing Service Database:

Center for Equity and Excellence in Education Test Database:

The Evaluation Center Database:


The Evaluation Center's instrument exchange:

Methods of Data Collection

Excellent free guide on questionnaire and interview protocol construction:

Free brochures explaining survey research:

Free handbook on mixed methods data collection:

Survey research materials at Don Dillman's website:

AERA Special Interest Group on Survey Research:

Writing questionnaires:

Here is a site that helps you write a questionnaire:

Link to archived research data:

The Buros Institute:

Link to the largest archive of empirical research data that I know of:

Search here for secondary data:

Federal statistics:

The Census Bureau:

Evaluation data collection instruments:


Here is a program that can be used for random selection and random assignment:

Here is a program for random assignment:

Here is a sample size calculator:

Download free G-Power Program to determine sample size needed:

Frequently asked questions:$ssi_gen.faq_overview

Table 7.1 Survey Research Center Links:

Validity of Research Results

Bill Trochim's lecture on internal validity:

Discussion on internal validity:

Tutorials on internal validity:

Search here for discussions of research validity and measurement validity:

Internal validity based on Campbell and Stanley 1963:

Search these archives for discussions of validity in qualitative research:

More links to validity in qualitative research:


Experimental Research

Bill Trochim's lecture on experimental design:

Factorial Designs:

More of Bill Trochim's links:

Another useful from a publisher:

Quasi-Experimental and Single-Case Designs

Bill Trochim's lecture on quasi-experiments:

A site that focuses on single-case designs:

Material from a text written by a Psychologist:

See movies from this journal publishing single case studies:

Another journal publishing single case studies:

Some more Trochim links:

Regression Discontinuity Design:

Nonexperimental Quantitative Research

Search here for information on structural equation (i.e., causal) modeling:

Program evaluation links:

Bill Trochim's discussion of the time dimension in research:

Get free student software doing causal modeling (AMOS):

See the chapter at this site on causal inference:

See section 1.2.4 on observational research:

Intervening/mediating variables:

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research glossary:

The Grounded Theory Institute:

The Library of Congress Resources in Ethnographic Studies page:

Webpage of an important writer in phenomenology, Max Van Manen:

Case studies page:

An excellent source for links:

More links:

Another extensive list of resources:

Search the archives of an international qualitative research discussion group:

Listen to one of the founders of grounded theory:

Grounded theory links:

List of journals that publish qualitative research:

Historical Research

Award winning site on doing history:

Oral history links:

Historical argument:

Modern History Sourcebook:

Using historical sources:

Link to resources on historical methods:

Historical research associations and other sources:

Examples from Education Week of how the past is linked to the present in educational issues:

Mixed Method and Mixed Model Research

Mixed research methods glossary:

Mixed research page:

This is an on-line book titled "User-Friendly Handbook for Mixed Method Evaluations":

Qualitative tools for mixed research:

Here is a book we recommend:

Descriptive Statistics

The web resources for this chapter are listed under Chapter 16: Inferential Statistics.

Inferential Statistics

Demonstrations of statistical concepts:

A special issue of the journal Research in the Schools that was devoted to the controversy over using significance testing:

Explanations of most of the concepts discussed in this chapter:

You can look up concepts beyond this chapter here:

Guide for selecting appropriate statistics:

Effect size indicators:

An excellent on-line statistics textbook:

Here is a link to several on-line statistics textbooks:

Lots of statistics links:

Link for sampling distributions, confidence intervals, and p-values:

Search here for discussion on statistical concepts:

List of discussion groups on statistics:

More on-line statistics books:

Sample size and power program calculators:

On-line sources related to inferential statistics:

Bruce Thompson's homepage (includes useful references on statistics and measurement):

Go here for definitions of statistics terms:

More statistical methods resources:

Free statistics software:

Descriptive statistical data:

Data Analysis in Qualitative Research

List of software:

Links to qualitative data analysis sites:


Content analysis:

For more links, look under Chapter 12: Qualitative Research.


Preparation of the Research Report

William Strunk's famous and very useful Elements of Style:

Writing a research paper:

APA style:

Reporting guidelines for Method section in APA style:

Important paper on APA statistical guidelines:


Common writing errors:

Help with grammar:

Writing links: