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The Teacher Leader Program is a post-master’s Educational Specialist degree course of study leading to AA Certification.

The Teacher Leader curriculum includes five major areas of study: (1) Planning for Continuous Improvement; (2) Teaching and Learning; (3) Human Resources Development; (4) Diversity; and, (5) Community and Stakeholder Relationships. The program is designed to help aspiring teacher leaders develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions to work collaboratively with school administrators, colleagues, students, parents and families, and the larger community to achieve school-wide goals.

Admission Requirements
Candidates must meet the following criteria:
  1. A master’s level professional educator certificate in any teaching field or area of instructional support.

  2. A minimum of three full years of full-time teaching experience in a P-12 setting.

  3. A portfolio containing:
    • Three letters of recommendation
    • Evidence of ability to positively affect student achievement.
    • Evidence of collaborative leadership potential.

If an individual is admitted to an Alabama Class AA teacher leader program based on a master’s level professional educator certificate in a teaching field or area of instructional support from another state, completes the Class AA teacher leader program, and subsequently applies for Class AA teacher leader certification, then the individual must earn at least a Class A Professional Educator Certificate in a teaching field or area of instructional support before applying for Class AA certification.

    Program Requirements

Educational Specialist (Ed.S.), Teacher Leader
(33 Hours Minimum)
Program requirements include completing a minimum of 33 semester hours as outlined below with at least 3.25 grade-point average and a grade of "B" or above in all courses with LTE prefix and completing satisfactorily a problem-based action research project and a final comprehensive assessment.


(Note: All certification programs require an introductory special education course if not previously completed. This is in addition to the 33 semester hour requirement.)

Educational Specialist Core
  IDE 620 or IDE 615
IDE 640
IDE 650
IDE 692
EPY 602
EDF 615
LTE 699

Additonal Requirements
  LTE 645
LTE 646
LTE 647
RED 648.

    Testing for Certification in Teacher Leader

Applicants for initial certification in teacher leader through the completion of a Class AA program must meet the Praxis II requirements of the Alabama Prospective Teacher Testing Program (APTTP) as a precondition of certification. Additional information is provided in Rule 290-3-3-.52.01(6).

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