Student ePortfolio Assessment

The College of Education uses student portfolio assessment as a part of program requirements and assessment of student learning outcomes. Students majoring in the College of Education are required to purchase the license ($30.00 per year) to use Foliotek beginning with the first College of Education course (which contains teacher education standards) taken and continue to use the software throughout their program of study. See course syllabus to determine if course requires the Foliotek assessment license.

In general the process consists of students submitting evidence/artifacts related to the knowledge, skills, or abilities taught in a course or internship. The professor evaluates the student based on a standardized scoring rubric and the results are kept in an electronic database. The progress of the student in meeting the required competencies is monitored throughout their program.


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STUDENT Foliotek Registration/Login

In your Sakai course, click on the link to Foliotek/ePortfolio. If you have not paid for the license, you will see a screen asking for your username and password. Click the link "Extend License" and it will take you to the form with fillable fields for your personal and billing information. Follow the on screen instructions to pay for the license. At this time, you should extend the license for One (1) Year Only.

Once you submit your payment, you will be automatically logged into your Foliotek account. Please review the training videos provided on your screen before attempting any uploads. Review the Help Screens on this page for additional information or use the Help button in the top right corner of the Foliotek window. For additional assistance with login/registration problems, please contact the USAonline Helpdesk from the "Help" link in the lower left corner of your online course page or USAonline Home Page or send an email to: ecampus@southalabama.edu. Be sure to include your name, email address, and a detailed description of the problem you are having.

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