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Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award

The goal of the Teaching Excellence Recognition Plan (TERP) is to recognize and reward faculty members who provide exemplary teaching and who demonstrate extraordinary commitment and effort in the accomplishment of the educational missions of the Department, College, and the University.

Three Awards for Excellence in Teaching are to be made annually, with one in each of the following categories:
Distinguished Career Award,
Early Career Award, and
Outstanding Innovation.

The awards will be funded by the College of Education and the University’s Office of Academic Affairs. Each award includes a monetary prize and a plaque.

Although awards are open to all full-time faculty regardless of rank or tenure status, each award has specific eligibility requirements. Awardees are not eligible for re-nomination for the same award within five years.

Each department in the College may forward nominations to the Dean according to the following formula: two each from the Department of Professional Studies and the Department of Leadership and Teacher Education, and one from the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Studies. The mechanism by which nominees are selected within departments will be determined by the respective department chairpersons but nominations should include a review by a designated faculty committee. The College’s Teaching Excellence Awards Committee will review departmental nominations. Three students (one from each of the departments) shall serve on the College committee (at least one must be enrolled as a graduate student and one as an undergraduate student in one of the degree programs in the College). The committee members will select a chair at the first meeting. Departmental nominees will be evaluated based upon the materials in the supporting dossiers according to the general and specific criteria for the award.


General criteria for the award include evidence of one or more of the following:

  1. Excellence in student learning outcomes;
  2. Quality and quantity of teaching;
  3. Extraordinary commitment and effort in the accomplishment of the program teaching mission;
  4. Innovation in teaching approaches;
  5. Outstanding contributions in curriculum development; and
  6. Educational scholarship

Click here to review the complete guidelines for the College of Education Faculty Excellence in teaching Awards.

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