Dr. Abigail Baxter

Dr. Abigail Baxter received her Ph.D. in developmental psychology in 1990 from Vanderbilt University. Her graduate research focused on social-emotional development in infants, toddlers, and young children with and without disabilities.

Upon completion of her degree, she went to the Early Childhood Research and Intervention Program (ECRIP) at the Institute for the Study of Developmental Disabilities at the University of Illinois at Chicago. As Associate Director for Research and Early Intervention she was responsible for the day to day administration of the early intervention program as well as conducting research. While at ECRIP, Dr. Baxter was the Principal Investigator on a model demonstration grant focused on developing an early intervention program that was responsive to the needs of inner city families with infants with disabilities and a field initiated grant investigating the development of joint attentional focus in pre-linguistic children with disabilities.

At the University of South Alabama Dr. Baxter has been involved in student supervision and developing grant proposals. A recently funded training project, Project RECEIPT, will develop an Early Childhood Special Education program within the department. The program will be at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Practicing early intervention and preschool service providers and parents of children with disabilities will serve as Co-Instructors in the program.

Dr. Baxter is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Society for Research on Child Development, the Council for Exceptional Children, Division for Early Childhood, and the American Association on Mental Retardation. In Alabama, Dr. Baxter is a member of the Early Intervention Council of Southwest Alabama and the Personnel subcommittee of the Alabama Interagency Council on Early Intervention.

Dr. Baxter's areas are:
Developing early intervention models that are responsive to family's needs
Language development in children with developmental disabilities and delays
Adequately training individuals to work with infants and young children with special needs.

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