How to Apply

The student who is expected to be recommended by their Academic Advisor for their Student Teaching Internship submits the appropriate application by the deadline date to the Office of Field Services.

  Application Forms  
  There are two Student Teaching/Internship application forms:  




Alternative Master's




Once the appropriate application is completed by the student, the student obtains the Academic Advisor's signature on the form for recommendation. The student then submits the form to the Office of Field Services by the deadline date.

A picture of the student will be taken by the Office of Field Services to put on the application.


Application Process

The Office of Field Services reviews the application to determine an appropriate placement. Pertinent information is entered into the computer data base.

After the GPA and coursework are verified, an initial request letter is sent to the building Principal that includes those names of students and specialty areas.

Once a commitment is made for placement, a final letter is sent to the Principal and Cooperating Teacher. The local School Boards also approves all student teaching assignments.

After the current semester's grades are due in to the Registrar's office, coursework and GPA's are rechecked. A letter is then sent to the student's mailing address informing them of their school assignment, grade/subject area, Cooperating Teacher, and Orientation information.


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