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Deadline Dates

The Student Teaching Application must be submitted by the student to the Office of Field Services at least one semester in advance of the planned Internship.

If you are seeking an assignment for the Fall Semester - the deadline is in January.

If you are seeking an assignment for the Spring Semester - the deadline is in September.

The deadlines are posted on the bulletin boards throughout the College of Education building. You may also see your Academic Advisor or contact the Office of Field Services .

Late applications after the deadline can result in delayed locating of the student teaching placement!



The Office of Field Services conducts a power-point presentation during the Student Teaching Orientation meeting prior to the Internship. This Orientation is mandatory for all education students who have received notification by letter of their respective placements. Occasionally there will be various guest speakers at the Orientation.

Students are informed about the location, day and time of the Orientation in their assignment letter. The student will also receive information about a Departmental meeting which usually follows the Orientation meeting. You will meet with your assigned University Supervisor at the Departmental meeting. The University Supervisor will explain and answer questions pertaining to the classroom experience.



The Office of Field Services offers an "Applying for a Job" Seminar at the end of each semester. This seminar is conducted by Human Resource representatives from both Mobile and Baldwin Counties. Attendance by all student teachers is required.

Pertinent information about the job application process is discussed at the seminar.

The specific time, day and location of the seminar is announced during the Orientation.


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