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  Dress Code  

A general guideline covering the student teaching dress code is established in order to uplift, enhance and promote the candidate’s paraprofessional image. The dress code should be discussed with Supervisors and school personnel before the candidates arrives at their assigned classrooms.

All student teachers should be dressed in professional and appropriate attire when conducting school business, whether or not during normal school hours. The dress code also pertains to orientations, seminars and any events in a professional capacity
Restrictions include but are not limited to:


Restrictions include but are not limited to:

• Jeans
• Revealing attire
• Ragged attire
• Sweat-suit type attire
• Shorts
• Inappropriate footwear
• T-Shirts
• Capri type pants
• Spandex or bicycling type attire
• Facial Jewelry (except earrings for females)
(unless approved by the University Supervisor and/or Cooperating Teacher for special occasions or special work)


Required dress code:

• Collared or dress shirts
• Khaki, slacks, or dress pants
• Knee length or longer skirts/dress for females

  Most school districts have dress code policies that should also be followed.  
  Special Considerations

• Candidates who are engaged routinely in special teaching situations such as physical education, field trips, or other special activities have the latitude to follow the dress code of the Cooperating Teacher.
• Candidates must use good judgment in their choice of attire. Shorts should be of an appropriate length and material. Shirts (preferably with collars) should be devoid of advertisements and slogans. Confer with the Cooperating Teacher to clarify local dress codes.
• Both the Cooperating Teacher and the University Supervisor have authority to decide what constitutes professional attire. Failure to abide by their standards will result in withdrawal from the field.

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