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Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation Directory

Recreation Administration

National Recreation and Parks Association

Association of Experiential Education

Alabama Recreation and Parks Association

Academy of Leisure Sciences

Leisure and Aging


Sports Management

Sport Management Links from Google Directory

North American Society for Sport Management

Sports Links Central



Exercise Science

American College of Sports Medicine

National Strength and Conditioning Association


Health and Physical Education

Healthy People 2010

Centers for Disease Control

The National Institutes for Health Fact Sheets

The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

The Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity and Health and other publications from the Surgeon General's office

Healthfinder: Health and Nutrition Topics

Dr Koop: Wellness assessments

Wellnessjunction: Q&A for health and wellness

Naturalland: Quizzes on longevity, love, food, etc.

Healthworld: Health information

Healthy Ideas: Following a healthy lifestyle

Wellness: Exploring lifestyles

Healthy.net: Creative journals

Justmove: Body composition tests

Worldguide.com: Body composition and somatype

Solid.net: Skinfold caliper measurments

Healthcentral.com: Home body fat test

Pesoftware.com: Current trends in PE software

American School Health Association

American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

Alabama State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

PE Central

pelinks4u.org: General physical education information

The Sport Ethics Institute

National Collegiate Athletic Association

The Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research

nfshsa.org : Internships and job openings in high school sports

hickoksports.com/history/collfhof.shtml: History of men's sports


americanfitness.net/fitnessgram : FITNESSGRAM and Physical Best materials

www.infosports.net/index.html : Youth Sports

www.ed.gov/free/subject.html: Instructional materials

American Heart Association

American Sport Education Program

www.nays.org: Youth sports

Positive Coaching Alliance

The Center for Sports Parenting

Citizenship Through Sports



PE Teacher

P.E. Digest


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