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  Professional Development Grants  
  The College of Education is committed to providing $100,000 annually to support and encourage the development of strong programs of research and creative scholarship by faculty members throughout the College through its Professional Development Grants Program. This program will continue
contingent upon the availability of funding and subject to periodic review of its effectiveness in meeting stated goals.
  General Guidelines


  The Associate Dean for Professional Development and External Affairs (ADPDEA) solicits proposals from members of the College of Education faculty for financial support of research projects through the Professional Development Grants (PDG) Program. Although the quality and significance of the work proposed are of paramount importance, special consideration will also be given to other factors relevant to the college-wide nature of the program. In this sense, grants may be considered "seed money" in that they should lead to the growth and development of continuing programs of research and scholarship. Longer-term support should be sought from external sources.  
  Submission of proposals for PDGs is limited to full-time tenure track faculty in the College of Education unless otherwise specifically stated in the guidelines for the specific grant. Each team proposal must have a project director who is expected to play a significant role in project development and implementation. (Temporary, visiting, adjunct, or part-time faculty members are not eligible, nor are pre- and postdoctoral research associates.) Only one proposal may be submitted by any eligible individual for funding consideration at the same time. If appropriate, proposals may be submitted jointly by more than one individual, but no individual may serve as applicant on more than one project, whether joint or single. No proposal may be submitted by an applicant who has an active Professional Development Grant (i.e., a grant for which a final report has not been submitted).
Faculty members who are awarded a PDG may not apply for the same specific award in the same calendar year under any circumstances. It is expected that those who receive a Professional Development Grant will continue to meet the eligibility requirements as regular faculty. Any grant recipient who, because of resignation, dismissal, nonrenewal, or any other reason, fails to remain eligible as defined above at least through May 15th of the award year may be required to return the grant.
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