John H. Strange, Ph.D. John H. Strange  
Department of Professional Studies
Office: UCOM  3808
Phone: 251-380-2878, 251-610-2599 (cell)
Fax: 251-621-0689
Email: jstrange@alumni.princeton.edu
Areas of interest:
International Experience:
  Co-Director of Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) Project to establish the Learning From Experience Trust in Great Britain and organized and participated in joint visits of faculty to and from both countries on a bi-annual basis from 1981-1988 (A Kellogg Foundation Grant).
Organized and led student two week study tours 24-64 students in a given year) of in Ireland, England and France annually for six years.
Organized and led groups of private individuals on wine and historical tours in England, France and Italy on fourteen occasions between 1998 and 2011
Conducted seminars on technology and two cruise lines in 2006 and 2007.
Presented at over 20 conferences in Great Britain, one in France, one in the Netherlands and one in Belgium from 1980-2004.
  B.A., Duke University; 1960  
  M.A., Princeton University; 1964  
  Ph.D., Princeton University, 1966  
  International Collaboration Interests:  
  Taking students overseas, taking faculty overseas, conducting faculty development workshops on the development and implementation of courses blending classroom activities and the use of the Internet in the delivery of instruction. Other opportunities as might arise and be appropriate.  
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