Transfer Credit

The Office of Admissions evaluates all credits to determine the number transferable to the University of South Alabama. Such transferred credit will be applied, after evaluation, to the specific program of the student. The final program evaluation requires approval by the Dean of the College in which the student is accepted or by the Dean’s designated representative. No more than 64 semester hours of transfer credit from community colleges will be accepted. A student seeking a degree in the College of Education must complete 32 hours of the last 45 semester hours and at least a minimum of 15 hours of upper level coursework in the major discipline as a student at the University of South Alabama.

  For graduate students, after having completed nine semester hours at the University of South Alabama, a maximum of nine hours of graduate credit from an institution having a Master’s Program may be transferred to USA. The appropriateness of courses for transfer will be determined by the candidate’s department. A minimum grade of “B” is required for each course. Courses completed more than five years prior to graduation may not be used to meet degree requirements. Transfer request forms are available in the Office of Student Services (UCOM 3020).
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