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Oracle 2018
Submissions to this year's Oracle are due October 15, 2017. 
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Oracle Staff 2016–2017
Learn more about this year's Oracle staff: who they are, what they do, and what they like.
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Oracle accepts submissions on a variety of subjects, but Oracle 2017 also has a theme section to which contributors can submit: Fear.

Few things bring people closer together than fear. In everyday life, there are so many things that terrify us all—or perhaps don’t, but would if we bothered to look a little closer. Oftentimes, we suppress these imaginings in the back of our minds to make life a little easier. Self-preservation, the scientists call it. Artists have a different take on it though, and realize that the things we avoid out of fear are often the things that matter most.

When I imagine Oracle 2017, I see a book brave enough to explore these fears. I imagine a book that features all kinds of horror—anxieties stemming from sexuality, uncertainty, or even the typical “horror movie” jolt of adrenaline. I want this book to be a unique concentration of dark and dreary nightmares transformed into enlightening and beautiful ideas that spark change within ourselves in the process of artistry, and more importantly, inspire the same transformation in our readers.

Micaela Walley, Editor-in-Chief