2003-04 Colloquia talks


Date Speaker Talk
Monday, March 8, 2004 at 2:20 PM in TBA Dr. Michael Mossinghoff, Davidson College Title of talk: Littlewood Polynomials

Abstract: A Littlewood polynomial of degree d has the form ±1±x±x2±···±xd-1±xd. These polynomials arise in many problems in signal processing and mathematical analysis, in questions concerning the locations or multiplicities of their roots, or especially large or especially small values of certain Lp norms, or Mahler's measure. We survey some of these problems, describe some of the methods from analysis, combinatorics, and number theory used to study them, and discuss some recent results.

Thursday, March 4, 2004 at 3:30 PM in ILB 370 Dr. Steve Doty, Loyola University, Chicago Title of talk: New versions of Schur-Weyl duality

Abstract: Abstract: Classical Schur-Weyl duality is a beautiful segment of invariant theory in which one considers the dual actions of the general linear group and symmetric group on tensors. I will try to explain how this works, and then discuss various generalizations, ending up with a very recent result which has close connections with the combinatorics of derangements.

Thursday, February 12, 2004 Dr. Klaus Lux, University of Arizona Title: Computational Representation Theory
Tuesday, February 3, 2004 Dr. Boris Kalinin, University of South Alabama Title: Rigidity properties of commuting maps
Monday, February 2, 2004 Dr. Arkady Vaintrob, University of Oregon Title: Alexander-Conway polynomial, Milnor numbers and matrix-tree theorems
Thursday, December 4, 2003 Dr. Ralf Schmidt, University of Minnesota Title: What is an automorphic form?
Friday, November 21, 2003 Dr. Markus Schmidmeier, Florida Atlantic University Title: Subgroups of Finite Abelian Groups
Friday, November 14, 2003 Dr. Kevin Knudson, Mississippi State University Title: Homology of linear groups and algebraic K-theory
Monday, November 10, 2003 Dr. Igor Nikolaev, Fields Institute and Univ. Calgary Title: On Slopes of Geodesic Laminations
Thursday, October 30, 2003 Dr. J. Scott Carter, University of South Alabama Title: Knot Coloring, Quandles and Cohomology
Monday, October 13, 2003 Professor S. P. Mukherjee Calcutta University, India Title: Dodge-Romig Sampling Inspection Plans Revisited
Thursday, October 2, 2003 Dr. Joerg Feldvoss, University of South Alabama Title: Clifford Algebras - Examples and Applications
Tuesday, September 23, 2003 Dr. Witold Rosicki, Institute of Mathematics, Gdansk University Title: Ulam Problem from the Scottish Book and Some Results on the Uniqueness of Cartesian Products
Thursday, September 18, 2003 Dr. Nutan Mishra, University of South Alabama Title: Probability Models to Study the Evolution of Random Graphs
Thursday, September 4, 2003 Dr. Jonathan Hillman, University of Sydney Title: L^2 Methods in Low-Dimensional Topology

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