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 "We offer challenges and opportunities that will prepare you for a life of inquiry and professional development that will enhance the quality of life for every citizen."
Dean Richard L. Hayes

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The College of Education is one of nine colleges and schools of the University of South Alabama.  Founded on February 1, 1967, the College has a total annual budget exceeding 14 million dollars and supports 85 different programs leading to six distinctive degrees.  The College is nationally accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and its educator preparation programs are accredited by the Alabama State Department of Education.

Realize Your Potential to Change the World

Our purpose is to prepare highly-qualified professionals who are committed to meeting the educational needs of our community, state, and nation in an international context that demands a literate citizenry equipped with the tools to be effective in the 21st century - critical thinking and problem-solving, entrepreneurship and economic literacy, interpersonal communication, multicultural competence and global awareness, teaming and collaboration, and proficiency in the use of information and technology to communicate effectively with others.


Welcome to the University of South Alabama College of Education! If you want to inspire the young generation of Americans and shape the future of the country, become a teacher and join the most fulfilling and satisfying profession in the world.

Meet Our Faculty

 Department of Leadership and Teacher Education

Dr. Peggy Delmas

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"I like to set an environment where we are exchanging information and ideas, we are working together; I learn from my students, they learn from me, and we learn from each other."

Dr. Peggy Delmas

Department of Professional Studies

Dr. Joel Lewis

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"I believe we have to sort of tear down the walls of where we are and really go out and see what types of things we can do to help our community..."

Dr. Joe'l Lewis

Department of Health, Physical Education & Leisure Studies

Dr. Christopher Keshock

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"If you combine all of the things we have here..., it becomes a nice mix for students to actually see what they are learning in the classroom and experiencing it out there at sport and recreation events."

Dr. Chris Keshock

Meet our Summer 2014 Daniel Foundation of Alabama Scholarship recipients:

 Kaylei Bryant

Kaylei Bryant
"I believe that teaching is one of the most important careers in our society. Giving children the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to progress as individuals is very important and the reason I have chosen education as a career. This scholarship means everything to me. Helped me prove to myself I am good enough to accomplish anything I set my mind to."
Kaylei Bryant

 Heather Hudgins

Heather Hudgins
"Alabama is my home. I have lived in Alabama my entire life. I would like to pass on the love of learning that I received when I was younger. Becoming an elementary teacher will enable me to instill the same love of learning in the children I teach. I want to show young children that learning can be fun. Teaching young children how fun learning can be will help them to take advantage of more educational opportunities as they get older. I look forward to helping teach younger generations to prepare for their future."
Heather Hudgins

 Shamar Burch

Shamar Burch
"I believe that the future of this nation depends on how well we educate our students. As a child, I remember always wanting to be the line-leader and do whatever I could to be just like my teachers… My goal in life is to teach secondary science in a public education system. My goal is not just to teach kids science, but it is also to teach them about life. I understand that many teenagers graduate high school without having the necessary skills to survive in college or the real world. It is my passion to help others succeed in life… I have always had a desire to learn all that I can so that one day, I can make a difference by educating others."
Shamar Burch


Congratulations to the following faculty, staff and educational partners who have been recognized by the College of Education for their professional excellence.

 2015 Faculty Awards

Dr. Ryon McDermottExcellence in Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity

Dr. Eddie ShawDistinguished Career Award for Teaching Excellence 

Dr. Amy UptonEarly Career Award for Excellence in Teaching 

Dr. Ellen BroachDistinguished Contributions to Improving Our Community

Dr. Jim Van HaneghanDistinguished Contributions to Life-Long Learning 

Dr. Brandon BrowningBukstein Foundation Scholarship for Developing Faculty in Education

Drs. Eddie Shaw, Kelly Byrd, and Susan Santoli Excellence in Teaching Award for Outstanding Innovation 

Excellence in Clinical Supervision

Supervisor Ms. Amy Deas 

Principal - Ms. Cheryl Chapman 

School - O'Rourke Elementary School

National Alumni Association Excellence in Advising 

Congratulations to Mr. Josh Wooden on his receipt of the 2015 Beth and Don Davis National Alumni Association Excellence in Advising Award.


2015 Staff Excellence Award 

Ms. Gail McLeanGerry Jean Clark Exemplary Staff Award     

 Gail McLean