Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

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The Writing Across the Curriculum program is designed to assist faculty in designing and implementing writing-intensive courses. WAC is housed in the Developmental Studies Department in the School of Continuing Education & Special Programs. An annual workshops is held in May (click on the link at left for date and time). Attendance at this workshop certifies a faculty member to teach W courses. Other services are available to faculty as well.


The basic premises of WAC programs is that people learn through writing. Skills such as critical thinking and reading, writing within the conventions of a particular discipline, and developing rhetorical strategies are ideally unified in a writing intensive ("W") course. The University Bulletin states that "two designated writing courses are required [for graduation]," and that one of these courses "must be in the student's major or minor."


For more information, please contact the WAC director, Mr. Frank Ard (franklinard@southalabama.edu).