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     Safebox Setup for XP

  1. Copy the text at the end of this bullet point. Copy everything between (but not including) the brackets. Do NOT click it, just highlight it and press Ctrl-C (or right click the highlighted area and choose Copy Hyperlink). [\\usanas\safeboxver2]
  2. Now open Windows Explorer (Right-click the Windows Start button and select Open Windows Explorer).
  3. Single-click into the address window (to the right of Address). Whatever was up there should now be highlighted. Press Ctrl-V (or right click the highlighted area and choose Paste). Press the Enter key.
  4. You should now see a file named MySafebox.exe - double-click that file.
  5. You will see a popup notification that says: Safebox will be installed on this computer. Click OK.
  6. You will then see another popup notification informing you that Safebox Setup is complete. Click OK.
  7. You should now have a Safebox shortcut on your desktop. Double-click that icon to begin using Safebox.

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