Career Services


Welcome to Career Services!


USA Career Services provides comprehensive career advising for all students at the university. We focus on students’ transition from the academic world to the professional arena. We work to empower students as they develop lifelong career management plans. Central to career planning is the development of academic goals and professional skills. At graduation, this concentrated focus on career planning better prepares students to enter the workforce or apply to graduate/ professional school. In addition to collaborating with students and university colleagues, we build relationships with our professional partners. These partners are eager to work with USA students to enhance their career prospects. Transition to the professional world does not happen after graduation: it starts right now. Our goal is to work with you each academic year to achieve your personal and professional goals. To meet these goals, we provide:

  • Individual career advising
  • Career expos and events
  • Jaguar Job Link
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Experiential Education